The Mystery of the Cross Represented Through Abstract Art

Por: Yandry Fernández Perdomo

Se realizó en la Catedral de La Habana el panel Un viacrucis contemporáneo repensando el arte y la fe
Panel “A contemporary viacrucis: rething art and faith”, in the Cathedral of Havanav

On the afternoon of this Tuesday, January 21, the panel Un viacrucis contemporáneo: rething art and faith was held in Havana Cathedral about the exhibition shown in the Havana temple, which offers an unusual representation of the mystery of the cross.

Panellists included Father Yosvani Carvajal Sureda, parish priest of the Cathedral, Michel Pérez Pollo, author of the exhibits, specialists Luz Merino Acosta and Niurka Fanego and Luis Enrique Padrón, who served as moderator.

According to the artist, the exposed viacrucis originates from a series of paintings made between 2015 and 2019, which were not motivated by the intention of making a literal version of the way of the cross, but a personal interpretation of his way of seeing the seasons. “This work is part of my ignorance as I try to approach the mystery of faith. At the time I was working with the picture in square,” the author explained.

For his part, Father Yosvani Carvajal, who is also rector of the Padre Félix Varela Cultural Center, assured that the charm of the work lies in representing the mystery of Christ through abstract art and the artist had the audacity to make us think, which, according to the priest, is a way of doing theology.


Luis Enrique Padrón commented that from the design of the exhibition two new logos were created for the Cathedral and the Chamber Society.

The Viacrucis is one of the most widespread devotions within the Catholic Church. The fifteen images included in this exhibition, representative of the fourteen traditional stations and one more added by the author and reminiscent of the resurrection, will remain on display in the Cathedral until next April.

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