“At the foot of the Cross”

Por Equipo de Comunicación de la JNJ Habana

La noche del segundo día de la versión habanera de la Jornada Nacional de la Juventud (JNJ) culminó con el rezo del viacrucis.
Monseñor Juan de la Caridad García, arzobispo de La Habana, en el viacrucis
Monsignor Juan de la Caridad García, Archbishop of Havana, at viacrucis

The night of the second day of the Habanera version of National Youth Day (JNJ) culminated in the prayer of the viacrucis. Thus the young men, accompanied by several priests, religious and religious, deled into the mystery, death and resurrection of our Lord. The moment, held at the P. Félix Varela Cultural Center, had the peculiarity of being accompanied by the cross brought by the first Cubans who made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in 1914.

In deep gathering was heard the Word of the Gospel that collects each of the sufferings that Jesus suffered on the way to Calvary. “It was a beautiful experience,” said Arlet Aguilera, for whom “the silence caused by prayer by candlelight made the presence of the Spirit felt much more in our midst.”

Viacrucis is one of the JNJ’s core activities in every diocese in the country. At first it had been thought to be carried out in public spaces, but after the prohibition by the authorities had to be readjusted inwards of temples or ecclesial buildings except in Santiago de Cuba. This certainly did not mell the spirits of the young people, who also put obstacles and their reality at the foot of the Cross.

The JNJ, being a version of World Youth Day (WYD), held last January, was thought of in the same format as WYD since its inception. In the case of the Habanero viacrucis, the same text prayed by young people with Pope Francis in Panama was used.

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