Christ the Redeemer in Rule: Love in the Midst of Disaster

Por: José Manuel González-Rubines

Padre Fulgencio Guerrera Castillo, Sacerdote de la Parroquia del Cristo Redentor, del municipio Regla

Shortly after the winds of the terrible tornado that devastated the habanero municipality of Regla passed, the redemptive missionary priest Fulgencio Guerrero Castillo, who attends the Parish of Christ the Redeemer of that town, went out to assess the damage to get to work.

After the diagnosis with the help of a group of their parishioners, on the afternoon of Tuesday, January 29 and to this day, they began to give meals to families who had nothing, through tickets with the cuño of the parish. The more than two hundred meals prepared by the parish daily are made thanks to voluntary donations from people in the area and other points of the city, who have ensured that neither the materials nor the hands to make the food are missing.

But the small temple not only feeds those in need, it also became a donation collection and distribution center. Father Fulgencio assures that they made no call to become a collection center, but that the aid began to arrive voluntarily and then the church organized the logistics part.

Donations began to reach the temple spontaneously.

The Reglan community has felt accompanied, by Catholics and others who are not, who at no time have left her alone in the enormous task of trying to offer some comfort to the victims. In this accompaniment, Cáritas Habana has occupied a central place.

Father Fulgencio, together with his group of parishioners, have reached places where no one else has gone, for, he says, “as a Church, we must be a drop of love in a sea of bitterness”.

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