Six days later

Por: Lázaro Numa

Las actividades religiosas de la parroquia de Jesús del Monte no se han detenido.

It would be unfair and lacking in all sincerity if it did not begin these lines recognizing the work of those who were enphrased, day and night, to return basic services and clean from rubble the area of the Jesús del Monte People’s Council, in the municipality of October 10, severely affected by the passage of the tornado on January 27. There is located the almost destroyed parish of El Buen Pastor de Jesús del Monte. Special mention also for doctors and health personnel who have not rested, always attentive to any need.

Although some have tried to take advantage of human pain and turn it into a media show, that has not been generality. A sea of people has come to offer its heart and shared with the affected what it has been able, with deep love and frank solidarity.

People have come to Jesus del Monte to reach out to those affected by the tornado.

The parish has become a true hotbed. No one has been admilated by adversity. In the small hall of the cloister already operates an improvised chapel where Mass is celebrated and continued the catechetical course. Spiritual and evangelizing attention has not stopped in Jesus of the Mount.

Countless are constantly arriving donations, clothing, footwear, food and medicine. Everything is distributed equally and in an organized manner to the affected community. Without seeking prominence, nor with the intention of impersonating roles, the parish fulfills its mission of helping the needy, something that the neighbors appreciate. It was precisely they who cleaned the outer area of the temple from rubble.

Those who do not get to bring something, help in whatever is necessary, no one remains static because it is known that there are people waiting, many lost everything and you have to bring them some food, clothes or encouragement. It’s important that they feel like there are people like them by their side.

Aid to the affected community is the first priority, you don’t wonder who you are, or where you come from, it only serves the one who arrives in need.

As so many times in its long history, the church of El Buen Pastor de Jesús del Monte has had to face the adversities that nature has imposed on it, but it has always been with its community. This time it is headed by a small congregation of very young mercedary friars who have not rested for a second. Nor has there been a lack of help from other religious communities, which spontaneously have been articulated to be present and collaborate in what is necessary.

It has not been necessary to convene other religious communities, they alone have become present in Jesus of the Mount.

A neighbor in the area, noticing my presence camera in hand, approached me and said, “Journalist – something I am not – when I write say that today this church is doing much for us, but as soon as we have the first breath we will lift it again.” I asked him why he was telling me. She said bluntly, “Because she’s ours too.” He didn’t tell me anything else, he went on his way with his food boxes in his hand, but I felt that this simple, diaphanous ward man had just given me a masterful kind of thanks. Ω

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