Cuba has a new Jesuit priest

Por: Julio Pernús

Raúl José Arderí García, nuevo sacerdote jesuita

The Society of Jesus in Cuba already has among its ranks a new priest, the young Raúl José Arderí García, who celebrated his priestly ordination on June 15th in the parish church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and San Ignacio de Loyola (Queen).
Monsignor Dionisio García Ibáñez, Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba, presided over mass. In his homily he evoked the time when, being parish priest of Manzanillo, he accompanied Raulito in his growth in faith. In the words of those who knew him as a child, Raulito knew that his vocation was to bring Jesus’ message to any environment in which he found himself. Nicknamed by his friends as El Flaco and also known as a delegate of the Ignatian Youth Ministry (PJI), the new Jesuit priest is a young man capable of touching the life of anyone who knows him by the simple and cheerful way of transmitting his love to God.
In his final words, the new priest thanked those who have helped him in his vocation: his family, present and visibly excited, his community, the university group, the Ignatian Youth Ministry, the Christian Life team and many more. To paraphrase St Augustine, Raul asked the attendees to help him in his new ministry so as not to forget his fundamental status as baptized and a member of the People of God.

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