The Third Parties are fired from Cuba

Por Julio Pernús

Los Tercerones después de la Eucarística de Despedida

For nearly half a year, a group of nine Jesuits of various nationalities was conducting their third probation in Cuba, the final stage of the training required of every member of the Society of Jesus, a priest or not. At the end of the exam, they say good-bye to return to their countries with the certainty of leaving behind a real family of friends.

Among the peculiarities of this group, the ninth to reach the island, stands out the fact that it was the last to have the accompaniment of Fr. Benjamín González Buelta SJ given his return to Spain, a man of great spiritual depth.   

Yovanny Bermúdez, third in the province of Venezuela, took advantage of the New Word space to talk about the experience, on behalf of him and his companions:

YB- I can’t say goodbye without thanking the Society of Jesus in Cuba, who offer us a great opportunity and do what’s in their hands to make us feel at home. Nor can I fail to thank the people who have interacted with us at this stage, especially my friends from the SJ community and the parish community of the Sacred Heart and San Ignacio de Loyola[, in Havana. Being able to interact with them has represented a true school of faith for me.

To every concrete face engraved in my memory, I thank the experience of God lived in silence and humility that they have transmitted to me. To meet them has been to see Jesus’ work in their lives.

Finally, I must thank you for everything Cuba has meant to my life. Without a doubt, I am endowed with new strength for when it is my time to return to Venezuela in the coming days. My inner transformation has helped me to contemplate more leisurely God’s intervention in the history of my country.

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