Christ the Redeemer in Rule: receive comforting help

Por: José Manuel González-Rubines

Elizabeth Pérez Agua, miembro de la comunidad del Cristo Redentor del municipio Regla.

The rule Elizabeth Pérez Aguas has set aside the affectations caused by the tornado in her own home to surrender to work in the Parish of Christ the Redeemer. Ever since the redemptive missionary priest Fulgencio Guerrero Castillo formed his small army of charity workers, she was one of his generals in charge.

People like her were responsible for the small rule temple becoming a donation collection center, because they spread the word and from there there was not a moment left the help. However, the arrival of the first donations was absolutely spontaneous, because, according to Elizabeth, people know that the Church, with God as a witness, gives everything and because of that trust is that they come.

“We have visited homes of people affected, who have been left with nothing: children, prostrate elders, sick people,” says Elizabeth Pérez Agua.

“We have visited homes of affected people, who have been left with nothing: children, prostrate elders, sick people. People are very grateful when they go with something, even if it is not enough, the gesture of approaching and reaching out comforts them. They thank the Church very much for that,” she says excitedly.

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