Homily pronounced by S.E.R. Juan de la Caridad García, at Mass held in Havana Cathedral to receive him in his archdiocese as cardinal of the universal Church

Por: Cardenal arzobispo Juan de la Caridad García

Homilía pronunciada por S.E.R. Juan de la Caridad García, en misa celebrada en la catedral de La Habana para recibirlo en su arquidiócesis como cardenal de la Iglesia universal.

We thank God for the praying Virgin, the one who prayed the psalms morning and afternoon, the songbook of the Magnificat, the one who makes a pilgrimage to the temple with her family, who was at the side of the apostles praying and waiting for the coming of the Holy Spirit, who intercedes for us from the house of heaven as the loving Mother she is.

We thank God for the praying Church of Cuba, the one who praises and sings with contemplative nuns, who remembers our deceased in all masses, who worships the Most Holy in the Sacrament, who prays for all those who ask for prayers, who want seminarians and novices and prays for them.

We thank God for the Virgin incarnate and present in the midst of her people, the neighboring Virgin, friend, helper, savior of marriages, next to her imprisoned son, flogged, crowned with thorns, crucified, resurrected and now together in the glory of heaven. She now does the same with her children on earth who suffer the same ailments of Christ on this earth.

We thank God for the incarnate Cuban Church that walks with those who suffer and to which so many people touch at their doors; which teaches love to the old men of the house, which defends life from the mother’s womb to its natural sunset, which defends natural, faithful and fruitful marriage, which imparts catechism, social doctrine, philosophy, theology, ecology, virtues, values and everything that helps human and spiritual promotion.

We thank God for the Missionary Virgin, who came out to the aid of St. Elizabeth, who showed the Son of God to shepherds, wise men, who became present by showing us her Son during the pilgrimage on the occasion of the four hundred years of the discovery of the image of our Lady of Charity.

We thank God for the Missionary Cuban Church, which rejoices in the missionaries ad gentes, the Church of priests who make present the salvation of Christ through the sacraments, the Church of catechists, the Church of the little monkeys and deaconos, the Church of lay missionaries from house to house.

We give thanks for these five hundred years of prayer, loving presence and mission. We pray to the Holy Spirit for the intercession of our Lady praying, incarnate and missionary, to have more facilities and less difficulties to bless and make our people happy, who so desire the protection of Our Lady and the presence of the Church.

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