Alocución de S.E.R. Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García, Archbishop of Havana

By: Msgr. Juan de la Caridad García

Sunday, September 6, 2020.

Thank you to all who make possible this allocution in which we prepare to celebrate the day of Our Lady of Charity, Tuesday 8 September.

The tunero Juan Cristóbal Naples Fajardo, better known for the Cucalambé; recites the Virgin of Charity.

When I, innocent child,

on the mother’s lap

was the subject of the tenderest

and solicitous affection,

When a hand of ermine

stroked me at that age,

my mother with anxiety

more pleasant and more fervent,

told me about the miraculous

Virgin of Charity.


Our Lady has fully fulfilled God’s will. Not always have we fully fulfilled God’s will, we have not always fulfilled the promises of baptism, living as children of God and brothers of all. We have not always kept the promises of courtship and marriage to love each other faithfully for life. For all that has been wrong in our existence, we ask for forgiveness by singing: Have mercy on me, Lord.

-By the times we have protested against our Father God when things went wrong and we have not trusted him. Christ, have mercy on me.

-By the times when husbands have argued, insulted thes, shouted out, and not reached a loving agreement… Have mercy on me, Lord.

-Because of the times that father and mother have not taught children with life and words how to behave like helpful and loving people… Christ, have mercy on me.

-By the times the old men of the house have been forgotten and we have forgotten how much they did for us… Have mercy on me, Lord.

-By the times we have not acted as true children and devotees of our Lady of Charity. Have mercy on me, Lord.

I CONFESS like this, bluntly and bluntly,


before which there is nothing hidden.


to whom I am also guilty and responsible,

THAT I HAVE SINNED MUCH, as it sounds: that I am worse than I seem and when I am judged wrong they fall short, for I have sinned in every way possible:


and I don’t blame anyone because it’s always been

BECAUSE OF MY CULPA, FOR MY CULPA, FOR MY GREAT CULPA but I am sincerely sorry, so much so that I will repair my sins as soon as possible and in the fullest way possible.

Now, I see that I need all of God’s goodness to deserve forgiveness and all its strength to remake my life.




With Our Lady of Charity we sing the goodness of God that has manifested itself in her and in us.


-We thank God for so many good people in our house, school, work, neighborhood.

-We thank God for the neighbors who accompany us in our sufferings and sorrows.

-We thank God for doctors, nurses, health workers who spend the most for the health of the sick.

-We thank God for those who study to find a coronavirus vaccine.

-We thank God for our Lady who is shown as a mother throughout our lives and looks with pleasure at the prayers and offering of candles and flowers of her children.

The Word of God speaks to us of Our Lady’s love for her children, especially those in difficulty. St. John, Chapter 2.

We need the wine of love and not the vinegar of vengeance.

We need the concord wine and not the vinegar of the lawsuit.

We need the wine of generosity and not the vinegar of selfishness.

We need the wine of cooperation and not the vinegar of indifference.

We need the wine of fidelity and not the vinegar of separation.

Every time there is a gesture of family affection, we place a flower in front of the stamp of our Lady of Charity in our house.


The children present our pleas to the Mother of heaven for Her to present to God.

Pray, pray, O Mother.

Preserve family peace… Pray, pray, O Mother.

Assist the rulers… Pray, pray, O Mother.

Watch over the poor… Pray, pray, O Mother.

Comfort the afflicted… Pray, pray, O Mother.

Release the prisoners… Pray, pray, O Mother.

Put an end to enmities… Pray, pray, O Mother.

Make the youth grow in wisdom. Pray, pray, O Mother.

It sustains and comforts the elderly… Pray, pray, O Mother.

Make our city prosperous… Pray, pray, O Mother.

It gives farmers good harvests… Pray, pray, O Mother.

Heal the sick of the Covid… Pray, pray, O Mother.

Free us from cyclones and hurricanes… Pray, pray, O Mother.

It gives the married concord… Pray, pray, O Mother.

It makes dads always by their children’s side… Pray, pray, O Mother.

Grant our deceased eternal life. Pray, pray, O Mother.

God save you, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you, blessed art you among all women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners and for Ernest Philip, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Let us place the name of the people for whom we wish to pray these days, under the stamp of our Lady of Charity in our homes.


Tomorrow, September 7th, we celebrate the day of Our Lady of Rule, who is the same Virgin of Charity with a different title. Our Lady followed the rules of Christ, which are the ones He taught us himself.

Let’s live like this and we’ll be very happy.

We congratulate and pray for all the people who bear the name of Rule and the name of Charity. Give your names to 78624000 and we’ll send you a congratulations.

Next day 8 we will have an allocution about our Lady of Charity at the usual time and at 9 a.m. the Mass televised from El Cobre by the Educational Channel.

Remember, O most pious Virgin Mary of Charity, that it has never been heard, that you have abandoned any of your Cuban children, nor come to your protection by imploring your protection and claiming your help.

Encouraged with this trust, I too come to you, Virgin of virgins, and moaning under the weight of my sins, I dare to appear before your Sovereign presence.

Do not waste my pleas, Mother of the Son of God made man. Amen.

Sweet mother, don’t walk away. Your view of me doesn’t go away.

Come with me everywhere and just (a) never leave me.

And since you protect me as much as you do as a real mother,

Make the Father bless me,

the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Below we offer in full the allocution of the Cardinal and Archbishop of Havana, Archbishop Juan de la Caridad García.

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