Con the Habanera Church, Cuba embraces its new cardinal

Por: Yarelis Rico

Misa en la Santa Iglesia Metropolitana Catedral de La Habana para recibir al arzobispo de la arquidiócesis, Juan de la Caridad García, tras ser creado cardenal por el Papa Francisco en Consistorio público celebrado en Roma el pasado 5 de octubre (Fotos: Yandry Fernández Perdomo)
Cardenal arzobispo Juan de la Caridad García
Cardinal Archbishop Juan de la Caridad García

In the morning hours of this Saturday, October 12, a Mass took place in the Holy Metropolitan Cathedral Church of Havana to receive the Archbishop of the Archdiocese, Juan de la Caridad García, after being created cardinal by Pope Francis in Public Consistory held in Rome on October 5.

Hundreds of habaneros attended the Eucharistic ceremony to express their affection for the Cuban prelated, who is very close to them for their countless displays of humility, simplicity and missionary and charitable works towards the poorest and most excluded from society.

In his homily, the Cuban cardinal thanked God for our Lady and the Church praying. Both, he said, must be embodied and present in the midst of their people. The first, she said, as a “neighbor, friend, helper, and savior,” while acknowledging in the Church her important mission to walk with those who suffer.

At the end of mass, a small statue of Pope Francis was given to him, which he hopes will accompany him on this mission entrusted to him by the Pontiff himself.

Representatives of the Cuban state and government were also present at the ceremony, including Ms. Caridad Diego, Head of the Office of Religious Affairs Of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, as well as accredited diplomatic personnel on the island and representatives of other religious denominations.

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