Cuban Cardinal assures that it will remain the same

Por: Yarelis Rico

Delegación cubana junto al nuevo cardenal cubano en el aula Pablo VI

With a sense of gratitude to all those who have prayed for him in some way or another to fulfill what the Pope has asked of him, S.E.R. Juan de la Caridad García, Archbishop of Havana, assured shortly after concluded the Consistory that created him cardinal of the universal Church that his first great purpose will remain “to serve the Church of Rome” and therefore “to give life if necessary”.

He declared that in his way he is very helped by the witness of faith and hope of the Cuban faithful, his way of praise to God, of teaching catechism, of proclaiming the gospel and of living spiritual and bodily works of mercy. “That helps me a lot, ” he said; “So to the extent that you are holy, I can be holy.”

The cuban cardinal’s statements were made during the heat hug ceremony held in the Paul VI Vatican Hall, shortly after the conclusion of the Consistory. During the meeting, Cuban pilgrims arriving in Rome from Cuba, Spain and the United States were able to exchange greetings with a “simple and humble priest” who, according to recent statements to the New Word: “I will always remain the same”.

His S.E.R. received from Pope Francis on October 5, 2019 the cape and cardinal ring, as well as the papal bull that appoints him cardinal priest of the Chair of Saints Aquila and Priscella.


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