The Church in Cuba accompanies her new cardinal

Por: Yarelis Rico

Peregrinos que acompañan al nuevo Cardenal cubano
Delegación peregrina en su su recorrido por Roma
Pilgrim delegation on its tour of Rome

A few hours after the celebration of the Consistory in Rome that will create Cardinal of the Universal Church to the Archbishop of Havana, Archbishop Juan de la Caridad García, the accompanying pilgrim delegation concluded its tour of the four patriarchal basilicas: Saint Peter, St. John lateran, Santa Maria Maggiore and St. Paul Outside the Walls. In both the churches of San Pedro and San Pablo, the group made up of sixty people, celebrated Mass, and among his intentions he was praying for Pope Francis, for the Cuban prelado and for the Church in Cuba.

Intense pilgrimage days that have also included the visit to the Holy Scale, an opportunity that some took advantage of to kneel and prayerfully the twenty-eight steps of the staircase that is surely the one for which Christ climbed the gallows to be judged. Pilgrims have also toured ancient Rome sites such as churches, the well-known Roman Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine.

Today includes the participation of the delegation in the Consistory and in the ceremony known as “the heat embrace”, where pilgrims will express to their dear cardinal the closeness and support of their Church.

The pilgrim delegation of Cuba will be in Rome until next Wednesday, October 9, when it will depart for the island. Upon arrival, he will accompany the Cuban cardinal to the Basilica of Our Lady of Charity, in Havana, to thank God for his appointment.

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