What are you looking for: The value of small things

By: Paulinos in Cuba

In today’s society, always more conditioned by the functioning of parts, sections and details, paradoxically there is more distraction in people’s minds, both in relation to the devices served daily and in relation to interdependence with others. It seems as if the abundance of devices and technical subsidies available to people has generated in them an overconfid confidence in the automatic and in its rapid replacement. Such automation dehumanizes and makes people dimmed, unpreesured in many fields and in the long run without control of one’s own actions.

Thus, functions are delegated automatically and when this fails, we are left as helpless and powerless, lacking solutions. We have forgotten that every invention arises from a need of man, to which he found a solution, depends, therefore, on this, it is he who has control, not the other way around, and in this process over the centuries man also developed.

We are social beings, we need the other, both to give and to receive, both materially and spiritually, to isolate ourselves, to be distracted from our own nature is to invoke. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, we’re linked to our neighbour through a thousand little things and attentions. Love your neighbor as yourself, because in the long run it is no different from you, it is no stranger and no machine can ever replace it.

Take care, then, of the details, recognizes the value of the small. Sometimes something seemingly insignificant is decisive, for good or worse.

Small things have their value and the details count a lot: for the proper functioning of the instruments and devices that become more and more essential every day, and also to achieve a happy coexistence with others. Be independent, be able to use the most advanced technique and dispense with it creatively, at any time, enjoy life in its simplicity and do not forget it. Thus you will become a valued tenant of the common house in which we live.

Remember that, of a minimal, seemingly insignificant thing, such as a needle, a simple button, a screwdriver or a thermometer, things of more value may depend, such as the possibility of wearing a certain garment, the operation of a device or the aware of a serious threat to one’s own health. A diligently targeted date on the agenda itself can make a friendly relationship lasting. Due to the lack of a document that does not appear where it was supposed to be, the opportunity for an optimal job may be missed.

Don’t belittle the small or insignificant-looking; strive rather to recognize its value and prove it with your behavior. Don’t neglect the details of the things you do, even when one aspect of them isn’t visible. Steve Jobs recalled, among what he learned from his adoptive father, his recommendation that he seek perfection even in the not visible aspects: if part of a fence was next to a wall, that non-visible part had to be painted as well.

He who values small things and cultivates details is in all likelihood a responsible person capable of doing the most important matters and tasks well. And that’s how he’s judged.

Be careful of the little things and practice the details, yours and what helps the common good. It is little that you are tidy and foresighted in the spaces of your belonging. It also contributes, as much as you can, to keep the environment around you tidy and functioning. Thus you will be a cherished tenant of the common house that is planet Earth. Ω

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