Father Reuben Darius thanks God for his priesthood

By: Yarelis Rico Hernández

El padre Rubén Darío Cotes, SDB, celebró sus Bodas de Plata

In the parish of San Juan Bosco, in the Havana slum of La Viper, Father Rubén Darío Cotes, SDB, celebrated his Silver Weddings in an emotional Mass of thanksgiving that had as its culmination the unexpected messages sent by Cardinal Juan García, Archbishop of Havana, Father Francisco Batista, superior for the Salesian Inspectorate of Las Antillas and close relatives of the beloved Dominican priest , which has been a missionary in Cuba for some years.

With his words, Father Reuben evoked that rainy afternoon of 1995, when inspired by the motto “Servants of Christ and administrators of the mysteries of God”, he determined to continue his Salesian vocation as a priest, and has since tried to have his work identified by loyalty, fidelity, obedience and trust in God, who called him to establish a friendship with Him.

Recognizing himself as a tool of Christ to undertake his work on earth, Father Rubén Darío identified in the joy of the Salesian charism an attractive opportunity to live holiness in everyday life.

“Today is a day when I may miss my relatives, but you supplement the affection of my blood brothers,” he said in his homily. So, he said, “It’s not a sacrifice for me to be here and celebrate my silver weddings in Cuba. I thank God for this opportunity.”

At the end of his homily, and visibly excited, Father Reuben Darius asked God for help in building his kingdom on earth and making the place where a place of justice, hope, and love is found. He invited everyone to form together a more united, more testimonial community. “A community that projectes that Risen Christ among us,” he concluded.

Representatives of the different parish groups of the community offered their greeting and congratulations to the priest, who, at the conclusion of the celebration, shared with all the faithful. Ω

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