Allocution January 24, 2021

Today, in all the Catholic churches of the world, the gospel is read according to St. Mark, chapter 1, verses 14-20.


Jesus invites four fishermen to follow Him and, as patient workers, fish for people for the greater glory of God and happiness of them, their families, their friends, their neighbors, their peoples.

One of the calls, who immediately obeyed Jesus, was Andrew. He told Jesus, his Master, when multiplying the loaves, that a child had five loaves and two fishes. Andrew died crucified in Patras, Greece. The other fisherman was Simon, brother of Andrew, who testified that Christ is the Son of the living God. Jesus named him Kefas (stone, Peter). He received the palm of martyrdom also crucified, but according to tradition, upside down because he considered himself unworthy to die as his Master. The other fish fisherman, who became a fisherman of people, was James, son of Zebedee, privileged witness to the resurrection of Jairus’ daughter, the Transfiguration of Jesus and his agony in Gethsemane. He was beheaded around the year 44, in the time of Herod Agrippa, during Easter.

The other fisherman of today’s Gospel is St. John the Evangelist, the young man captivated by Christ, who loved to hear it, follow him, live his teachings, and communicate them through his example and the writing of the fourth gospel and his letters.

We want to follow Christ immediately as Andrew, Peter, James and John. And we know that Christ makes not only one call, but many. It will help us follow Christ to read the Gospel of John and the letters of St. Peter.


Pope Francis in the Angelus on Sunday, January 17, tells us: “Let us pause for a moment in this experience of encounter with Christ who calls us to be with Him. Every call from God is an initiative of his love. It is always He who takes the initiative, He calls you. God calls life, calls to faith, and calls a particular state of life. ‘I want you here.’ God’s first call is to life; with it he constitutes us as people; it’s an individual call, because God doesn’t do things in series. Then God calls to faith and to be part of his family, as children of God. Finally, God calls us to a particular state of life: to give ourselves on the path of marriage, in the way of the priesthood or in that of consecrated life. They are different ways of accomplishing the project than God, the one he has for each of us, which is always a plan of love. God always calls. And the greatest joy for every believer is to answer this call, to give himself completely to the service of God and his brethren.”


Various and persevering calls from the Lord Jesus and our answers:

Once in my anguish I cried loudly to the Lord and said, “Oh my God, help me, my life is worthless and slips out of my hands, I want to be happy, I want to find the meaning of my life.” The Lord stared at me with enormous compassionate eyes. And then, with a smile full of love, he held my hand and said, “Get up and walk.”

I was confused and dismayed. I said, “But, Lord, I am only a child, a young man, how do you send me?” “I know that, don’t say you’re a child, because I’ve chosen you since before you were born to be my son, and I’ve given you my spirit that dwells in you. Get up and walk.”

“But, Lord, I am ignorant I know nothing, I am not wise.” “I know that. My Father has chosen neither wise nor powerful to carry his message, he only wants men and women willing to say yes to act in them, and he enjoys your simplicity and poverty. Get up and walk.”

“But, Lord, I can’t speak, I don’t have a loose tongue.” “I know that. I will help you, the Holy Spirit will put in your mouth wise words so that you can comfort your brethren and remind you of everything you have learned from me. Get up and walk.”

“But, Lord, I have many occupations, I don’t have time.” “I know that. But how much you give me from you, I promise I’ll multiply it to you a hundred percent by one, including your time. Get up and walk.”

“But, Lord, the road is very difficult, full of stones and uphill.” “I know that. I myself have already traveled it to the Cross, but the way of Heaven is like this. So that when you die with me, you may also be resurrected with me and be heir to my Glory. And besides, I’ll be with you every day of your life to help you. Get up and walk.”

“But, Lord, I am a sinner. I’m no saint, I can’t.” “I know that. I don’t care about your sins, I care about you and I love you the way you are. It is necessary that this will bear witness to my action in you and others to recognize that God strengthens the weak and thus be a sign of hope. Get up and walk.”

“But, Lord, there is much hatred, a lot of loneliness, the world does not love you or want to hear your message.” “I know that. But I want you to go, listen to you or don’t listen to you. Light needs to shine in darkness, and from your baptism you are the light of the world and salt from the earth. Get up and walk.”

“But, Lord, I am already very old, what can you expect from me?” “I know that. If Abraham and Sarah, Elizabeth, and Zechariah, could have had a son in their old age, I can also work enormous miracles in you so that you may bear many fruits, if you will and believe me. Besides, I need your experience and your wisdom to share it with others. Get up and walk.”

“But, Lord, I did not ask you that. I asked for the happiness and meaning of my life.” With great compassion and infinite love, he hugged me and said to my ear, “I know that. But your happiness is hidden in God and to attain it in this life you have to live the mission that my Father has entrusted to you as I did. And when you complete it, I myself will be waiting for you in my house that is my Father’s and is yours, with a crown for you for being a faithful and good servant. I’m with you. Please get up and walk.”

I said no more, I dried my tears and took his hand, got up and started walking. I do not know what will happen tomorrow, I do not know what the Lord will do of me, but today I know that my life would not be so happy or make sense, if the Lord had not shaken my hand, raised me up, and entrusted me with a mission, which I love with all my life today.


Today, the third Sunday of Ordinary Time we celebrate the Sunday of the Word of God. Reading Hebrews 4:12-13.


Let us make a biblical corner in our house, put Sacred Scripture in a beautiful place, adorn that place with flowers, and read, at lunch or lunch, today’s gospel; and at dusk, together, we all read a small text from the Bible and make the Divine Lectio offered to us by the New Testament with one hundred and fifty psalms, which is offered in the Archbishopric of Havana, as well as in other churches. St. Andrew, St. Peter, James and St. John the Evangelist, pray for us. Amen.


Prayer to pray before a pandemic.

God, good Father, who created us with health and prepared us to preserve it, bless us with the health of soul and body.

Lord Jesus Christ, who healed so many sick people, deliver us from all kinds of epidemics. Give Charity, Mercy and Patience to those who care for the sick.

Holy Spirit enlightens health personnel to find the remedy for this disease so that all peoples can be happy.

Saint Mary of Charity, accompany your sick children, so that they never lack the closeness of the family, the Church and the neighbors.

Blessed Father Olallo, who faced so many diseases and epidemics, pray for us, that we may be healthy and sick, one heart and one soul. Amen.

We are concluding the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. We congratulate non-Catholic Christians and pray to the Lord to be able to share with them our faith, for the glory of God and fraternity among all.

And the blessing of God the Almighty Father, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit descend upon us, upon our families, upon our illusions and projects, and remain forever, Amen.


Below we offer in full the allocution of the Cardinal and Archbishop of Havana, Juan de la Caridad García.

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