San Egidio: the inn of the Good Samaritan

By: Yarelis Rico Hernández

San Egidio
San Egidio

Responding to a request from the Office of Humanitarian Affairs of the Office of the City Historian and the municipal and provincial directorates of Public Health in the Cuban capital, the Community of San Egidio agreed to convert its headquarters in Havana into a center of isolation. for cases of positive children to Covid 19.

Innaris Suárez Cárdenas, founder and member of the community in Cuba, told Word Nueva that as soon as they requested this collaboration, they responded affirmatively. “We have worked a lot to meet the necessary requirements and make this work possible, as we consider it to be a very concrete opportunity to control the disease,” she said.
The determination to turn the headquarters into a center of isolation undoubtedly hampered the usual services. However, and with their trust in God, they did not hesitate to hand over the house so that children between 18 months and 12 years old could be cared for there. Once again, fidelity to the poor made them creative and bold, and people in need did not stop being welcomed.

To do this, they moved what was necessary for the kitchen of the church of Our Lady of Monserrate, where for some time, every Tuesday afternoon, they have opened the doors to friends who live on the street, with whom they share friendship, love and something of food. Also in this central parish, the community performs a beautiful canteen service for the elderly.

Since the headquarters welcomed small positives to Covid 19, the volunteers began to cook in the church of Monserrate and then transport the food there. “In diverse conditions, with a small space at our disposal, we continue the services. We distribute the food through a separate door at the main entrance of the headquarters ”, says Innaris.

During the preparation stage to receive sick children, bonds of friendship and solidarity were created between the members of the community and the health personnel involved in caring for the little ones. Today, the doctors of the San Egidio family support the care in the asylum center, while part of the assistance staff serve and distribute food to wandering friends and the elderly. In the opinion of Innaris Suárez Cárdenas, “in Cuba it is necessary to create solidarity networks that generate energy of love for so many who need it, this is how we can transform this reality.”

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