Virgin Mary Help of Christians, pray for us

Por Ana María González.

Miembros dela comunidad María Auxiliadora junto al padre Fernando, misionero del Verbo Divino.
María Auxiliadora
María Auxiliadora

On May 24th, sixty-five years of the site of the image of Our Lady Mary Help of Christians at the intersection of the Ten of October Causeway and Avenida de María Auxiliadora in the municipality of Arroyo Naranjo were fulfilled.
In the first half of the twentieth century, the urban development of this habanera area brought with it the growth of the San José de Bellavista distribution and the emergence of the Viper Park distribution. In 1937 it was built, at a point where today converge the Avenida de Porvenir and Avenida María Auxiliadora, the Colegio María Auxiliadora attended by the Salesian HH.
By the 1950s the College had gained importance and it became necessary to improve its environment. At the same time, the construction of the Viper Park distribution was under construction, which was intended for higher-income families than those who normally inhabited this part of the city. Because of all this, a suitable access road was needed, so a rigorous plan for remodeling the street that was then called Marimón was started, widening and paving it.
After the work of remodeling the street, on April 12, 1954, at the request of the parents of the College of Maria Auxiliadora, the Municipal Chamber of Havana met, in extraordinary session and unanimously decided to call this avenue Maria Auxiliadora and authorize in it the location of an image of Our Lady.
Despite the avatars of the relentless time and man, no less ruthless, the beautiful image has managed to remain to this day on its pedestal, as a distinctive symbol of the Habanero site where it is located. From his enclave he has stood firm by conveying his message of love and peace to us.
Considered as the only public image of its kind in Havana, the five hundred years of the city led to its restoration on the initiative of the Casa de Cultura de Arroyo Naranjo and with the support of the municipal government. Thanks to the works of the sculptor Guillermo de la Caridad Moreno Rodríguez, Our Lady Maria Auxiliadora today wears all her attributes and the hand she had lost.

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