Did we arrive or were we pushed?

In the opinion of many, the Habaneros did not arrive properly in the first phase, they were pushed. The truth is, they’re already in it. Experience has to call chapter: each person must take care of themselves, otherwise she risks becoming a positive number among those infected by the microscopic virus. […]


The impossible closure: ethics and coronavirus in Cuba

Accompanied by personal and external experiences, the author makes an ethical assessment of Cuba’s current situation in times of pandemic. According to his judgment, the return to “normality” will involve essential changes in the life of the nation. For her, the key to success in the coming times is called integrity, respect for oneself and others in order to build a better country. “Cuba must be a homeland for all and not someone’s fiefdom,” he says. […]


The Quiet Islands: Topics of Insularity in Elisha Diego’s Poetry

A tribute to Elisha Diego in his centenary wants to be this article. The author rests in the poet’s verses to show us his tentative recurrence to the description of spaces that refer to the island and its edges. And it was Diego who was one of the intellectuals who nucleared around the group and the magazine Orígenes, and for whom, Cuba, as an island, had a transcendent dimension. […]


The Auxiliary Bishops of Havana IV

In this article, in addition to reviewing the situation of the Cuban Church in the eighties and nineties, Msgr. Antonio Rodríguez, our father Tony, stops at two figures: Msgr. Alfredo Víctor Petit Vergel and Msgr. Carlos Patricio Baladrón Valdés. […]