Consecrated life, presence and mission

You walk a difficult year. In the midst of today’s reality, the New Word invites us to reflect on the work of religious communities. Consecrated persons must not lose their own charism or be oblivious to the needs of today, therefore a return to the sources, to the Christ of the Gospel, return to the founding spirit, communion in the life of the Church, knowledge of the modern world, inner renewal is needed. […]


Covid’s Dreams

With the following photoreporting Palabra Nueva stops at the reality of the streets and public spaces of the Cuban capital, where in recent times an increase of individuals who roam, mentally ill, alcoholic and “irresponsible” fighters has been seen.” Another idea of this photo series is to show physical isolation and, above all, citizen irresponsibility […]


A life of faith

It has the name of a Garciamarchyan character, Zoe de los Dolores Larrea Dihigo, but in 1942 he did not come into the world in any town in Colombia or in any of Greece, where his name means Vida; but in one named Vereda Nueva, in Havana, currently part of the territory of Artemis. A woman of church throughout her life, Zoe confessed to the New Word that the Catholic faith owes her complete formation, as a woman, teacher, Cuban and Christian. “The indissoluble whole that makes me,” he says. […]


The important thing in art is constancy

For the young and laureate Cuban pianist Franco Rivero Bueno, creation must first be a passionate flow within the performer and then a tune of blending with the audiences. In order to commemorate on August 6th the 125th anniversary of the birth of Ernesto Lecuona, Palabra Nueva approaches the artistic work of this young musician, who is considered, today, the greatest connoisseur and practitioner of the Lecuonian work. […]


The family prison

In these times of change when the family is so mentioned, family reunification and the new version of the Family Code, it is appropriate to leave evidence of a very rare situation regarding its disclosure in our environment, so it may be surprising its content. Family prison?… What is it? The following testimony from a Cuban and Catholic family tries to sum it up in the best possible way. […]


What are you looking for: The value of small things

The following text invites us to dwell on the value of small things.
It reminds us that sometimes something seemingly insignificant is decisive, for better or worse. Small things have their value and the details count a lot: for the proper functioning of the instruments and devices that become more and more essential every day, and also to achieve a happy coexistence with others. […]


No wine. No vaccine. No Mass

The arrival of the new Coronavirus in Cuba made the daily life of its inhabitants even more rugged. It is currently necessary to make long tails with zero insulation to acquire the basic hygiene and food items. Fortunately, thanks to God and the work of health and civil authorities, the number of sick people has been reduced and the country has begun to open up to a neo-normality. However, this new stage is accompanied by few questions, especially in Havana. […]