Second Easter Sunday

“Blessed are those who believe without having seen me.” It is the bliss in which we are included those who have put our faith in Christ forever and, even without seeing him bodily, even involved in doubt and difficulty, we follow in his footsteps. Faith in the living and risen Christ “serves” not to turn away from the world and reality, not to enter into a solitary, alienating and selfish bubble, to have life in his name, to live in truth and in authentic freedom, to open our eyes to the world around us contemplating the wonders of God and also his miseries, to be in solidarity with the pain of the brothers with whom we share life , to whom Christ sends us to be witnesses and servants of his eternal and merciful love for each of them. […]


Film and the Narratives of Pain

Film art has expressed, although referring to past and present realities, the pain that is in the air and that is breathed. Thus they reach the nominations of the 2021 Oscars films that echo the pain from a variety of performances that allude to uncomfortable subjects, open, bleeding wounds, of the societies in which we live. As hard as those films are (and they are) must be seen. To remember, or to learn. […]


Pandemic, culture and interiority

In the most recent printed issue of Palabra Nueva, the Catholic intellectual Dr. Roberto Méndez reviews the months lived in total lockdown during the year 2020 and identifies this time as a test of patience, sanity and humility. When 2021 advances amid great uncertainty, the poet and essayist recapitulates past life and takes advantage of being, like St Augustine, a millimeter closer in the search for transcendence. […]

Santa María del Perpetuo Socorro. Patrona de las Misiones Redentoristas y de la República de Haití. El icono original, de origen desconocido, está en el altar mayor de la iglesia de San Alfonso, en Roma.

Twenty-seven months in Regla

Present in more than 180 countries, the Mission of the Most Holy Redeemer resumed its work in Cuba some time ago, after, in the wake of the serious conflicts that arising with the Revolution, it was expelled in 1961. Forty years later, exactly on May 21, 2001, redemptive missionaries returned to this earth. On this second occasion they were entrusted with the parish of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de San Nicolás de Bari, located in the town of Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud. A few years later, in 2005, they assumed the parish of Christ the Redeemer in the Habanero municipality of Regla, and later, in the same year, the parish of La Medalla Milagrosa, in Guanabacoa. With tireless action, one of these brothers, Father Fulgencio Guerrero Castillo, Colombian, has seen everything during his stay in Cuba: cyclones, intense scathing, tornado, coronavirus pandemic…. But inspired by the maxim of helping the neediest, he keeps treasured stories that bring him closer to this earth and make him feel like one more of his children. […]

No Picture

Nomadland, the infinite journey to nowhere

It’s not hard to see why a film like Nomadland is reaching awards and nominations above the rest of the 2020 film productions: it’s a film that deals, in depth, with a cardinal theme in our lives: our place of belonging, in connection with others, like family and friendship, to which it is imbric, organically , one of the oldest issues of all cultures: the journey […]

Cardenal Cantalamessa

Homily of Cardinal Raniero Cantalamessa, preacher of the Pontifical House

For its present, we resume the homily of Cardinal Raniero Cantalamessa, preacher of the Pontifical House, in the celebration of Good Friday. In his message, he recognizes as a factor of division within the Church today, putting above the religious and ecclesial choice, the political option that defends an ideology, therefore forgets the meaning and duty of obedience in the Church. “We must learn from the gospel and the example of Jesus. There was a strong political polarization around him. There were four parties: the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Herodians and the Zelotas. Jesus did not align himself with any of them and resisted vigorously the attempt to drag him to one side or the other. The early Christian community faithfully followed him in this election. This is an example especially for shepherds who must be shepherds of the whole flock, not a single part of it. Therefore, they are the first to have to take a serious examination of conscience and wonder where they are taking their flock: whether by their side, or next to Jesus.” […]

Granma gana la Serie Nacional 60 de la pelota cubana

Granma wins The Cuban National Series 60

The low level of baseball seen in the National Series leaves very little hope for qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics. Except for a miracle, Cuban baseball will not be represented in this world cup; nor in paris 2024, because this sport will not participate there. Maybe in Los Angeles 2028, but it’s a long time away. For now, there are many things to solve in the Cuban league and its structures. They need a total renovation. […]


Easter Sunday

hallelujah! Christ lives, the Lord is risen! It is the cry that resonates from the Easter Vigil throughout the universal Church. It is the expression of joy and hope of all Christians who celebrate with joy and joy the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, their victory over sin and death, their transition from death to life. In the Easter season we inaugurate today, we must ask the Lord, as his grace and gift, to “appear” also to us, to touch our hearts, to soften our hardnesses, to heal our wounds, to heal our diseases, to make us feel his living presence, all powerful and close, in the midst of so much misery, suffering, pain and death. Only from the experience of the Risen One can we be his witnesses, authentic and reliable, as were his first disciples; witnesses of the light that overcomes darkness, of the truth that overcomes the lie, of life that overcomes death. […]


Resurrection Sunday Allocution

“Christ is risen, truly risen”. And to be a sure that the Son of God is reborn every day in our lives, Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García, Archbishop of Havana proposes to review the presence of Jesus in the daily life of a good Christian: “I experience that I am loved, I never feel alone, I feel great love for my brothers and sisters, I live the experience and culture of forgiveness. I’ve stopped fearing, even death. My king is love, I have peace and confidence and I transmit them, I always notice fresh the flower of hope. I feel in me a source of joy that is not exhausted. In my nights I always have a light, my sufferings already make sense by the cross. I am not seduced by the gods of the earth; the poor are my favorites, I’d rather give my life than take it away. I hope and advance the kingdom of life, I await the triumphant return of Jesus Christ, I glory on the cross. I only wait in Jesus.” If so, he says, “Christ is risen, truly risen.” […]


Alocution Good Friday

In commemorating the death of our Lord Jesus Christ, from whom the life of the world sprang, Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García, Archbishop of Havana, asks to pray to God the Father for all the people for whom his Son has died. […]