Eliseo Diego

A big hug of memory

This year, just before this July 2, the date on which we celebrate a new anniversary of the birth of Eliseo Diego, the extensive volume In the shelter of time that devastates me has come out on Sapienza Università Editrice. Eliseo Diego on his centenary (1920-1994), an edition by Mayerín Bello and Stefano Tedeschi. From what is inferred, it is a book that should have come out in 2020, but it is now that it becomes an editorial “event”, since it appears as an important endeavor to study the work of Eliseo Diego. It is now the occasion to appreciate nearby firms; familiar, retouched and other more recent writings that return to the poetry, narrative and essays of this great writer. Twelve texts that achieve a very appreciable harmonic sum in dispositions and judgments. […]