Allocution, July 18, XVI Ordinary Time Sunday

When the apostles return, happy with the mission held, Jesus invites them to go to a quiet place to rest. In its Sunday Aocution, Cardinal Juan de la Charity García, Archbishop of Havana, reminds us that a quiet place to rest can be our house, the place where we spend the greatest time of our lives and where the greatest richness of our Existence: the love of our parents, husbands, grandparents, brothers, grandchildren and other relatives. “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, who lived in Nazareth in a palace of love, peace and concord, pray for our families to always live in a quiet and full place.” […]


XVI Sunday of Ordinary Time

They are also pastors of society, all those who have publicly assumed a charge that implies dedication and service, people who, from their responsibility, lead the destinies of the peoples, societies, and not only from the Church. God complains about the negligence, poor work, of delays, of the ill will, of the selfish and irreflexive attitude of who he only thinks of his own good, who prefers to close his eyes and look elsewhere against suffering alien . Today Christ behaves for the crowds who are without course because the pastors of him have abandoned them. He will never leave us alone. Our crosses are the cross of it; Our deaths are the death of it; Our hopes of a better life light up from the light and the joy of the resurrection of it, which is victory of good about evil, of love on hatred, of life on death. […]


A new Cuba has awakened

In Cuba, the circumstances that hinder the full exercise of human rights have become clear, since they restrict their own and public freedoms, and without the free exercise of these, what freedom can be discussed? Obviously there are many things in our society that must be provoked, but in a profitable way, to highlight their flaws without undermining the fundamental and necessary values without which full human fulfillment is absurd. The first step has been taken, and a new Cuba has awakened. We must pray insistently so that arms are laid down, so that never again will a Cuban raise his hand against another Cuban, so that this freedom that made an entire island vibrate is a reality, and then we can build a nation with opportunities for all. […]


Message addressed to the Cuban Church by Sister Toñi Valverde

A propósito del regreso a España de la hermana Toñi Valverde, religiosa del Amor de Dios, compartimos el mensaje que dirigió a la Iglesia cubana, en especial a la comunidad católica de La Habana, donde, aseguró, queda su corazón. Durante quince años, esta incansable mujer, misionera y amiga, compartió con los cubanos alegrías y penas. Es, sin dudas, una cubana más. Gracias y hasta pronto. […]


Allocution, July 11, 2021, XV Sunday in Ordinary Time

En su alocución dominical el cardenal Juan de la Caridad García, arzobispo de La Habana, nos recuerda que Dios regala los dones como tarea. “Jesucristo, quien nos invita a establecer su Reino de amor en medio de nuestras familias, iglesias y pueblos, nos envía a proclamar su evangelio de amor, paz, concordia”. Con nuestra misión, Él quiere que arranquemos el mal que nos impide ser amigos y el odio que no nos deja ser felices. Quiere que recemos por los enfermos y por quienes los cuidan, les hagamos llegar la buena noticia de que Él mismo los ama. “El Señor Jesús nos envía sólo con la Fe, la Esperanza y la Caridad y desea que les dejemos el consuelo, la paz, la fortaleza de la Palabra de Dios, y cuando se pueda, las bendiciones de los enfermos, las bendiciones de los sacramentos y la bendición de la penitencia y la eucaristía”. […]


XV Sunday in Ordinary Time

Solo confiados y apoyados en el poder de Dios, solo desde la verdad del Evangelio, solo desde la humildad y la paciencia, solo desde la pobreza y la escasez de medios y recursos, quedará patente y manifiesto que es Jesús quien nos envía y actúa a través de nosotros, que es Él quien libera y da su gracia a quienes desde toda la eternidad mira con amor. […]

María Jesús Miranda Juango

Seventy-five years spreading hope

Havana without María Jesús would lose something of its “real and wonderful” being. Without people like her we lose the charm, the tenderness, the hope. Perhaps the “greatness” of her is precisely to cultivate simplicity, to serve as the most natural thing in the world, to let the affection come out for those gestures of hers “so Navarrese”, and that we all, once known, yearn for. On February 10, 1947, when the trips were one way but not back, she set sail for Havana, where she came to stay. Seventy-four years have witnessed the “Cuban” love that María Jesús has been developing in her heart, translating it into concrete gestures of welcome, closeness, openness to integrate cultural diversity, a different climate, the ups and downs of history. […]

Situación de emergencia en Cuba por la falta de alimentos

Because I was hungry, and you gave me to eat

With the pandemic and the emergency situation in Cuba due to the lack of food, medicine and many other basic necessities, people who previously did not knock on the door of the San Egidio headquarters in Havana, today they do. They are, fundamentally, elderly, who join the group of friends who live on the street and are usually cared for by the Community. Some are retired doctors, teachers, and they are ashamed to ask for food, but the members of this great Catholic family know how to help them and not feel uncomfortable. This has been a difficult period for everyone, but for the elderly and people who live on the streets much more so. […]


Allocution, July 4, XIV Sunday in Ordinary Time

“It happens to many prophets that they ignore them, they make fun of them, they turn their backs on him. Many preachers of the Gospel are rejected ”. With this affirmation, Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García, in his Sunday address, evoked not only Jesus, who despite disbelief and lack of faith, preached the kingdom of God even nailed to the cross, but also remembered many fathers, mothers, grandparents, who teach good, honesty and getting along with siblings. He recognized all of them as prophets who persevered despite disinterest in his words. […]


XIV Sunday in Ordinary Time

God invites us to announce his love and mercy. He also pushes us not to remain silent in the face of lies and falsehoods, injustices and abuses, and so many personal or social contradictions. Being a prophet in our time means living in the truth and being consistent with the Gospel. Fidelity to God and to his Church implies assuming the risk of rejection, persecution, mockery, misinterpretation, even the sacrifice of one’s life. All this has already been lived and suffered by Jesus Christ, the Master, the Prophet of the Father. Living it and suffering it is an undeserved honor that God grants us, because in this way we become more and better like his Son Jesus Christ, who voluntarily offered his life on the Cross for the salvation of the world. […]