Allocution, July 4, XIV Sunday in Ordinary Time

By: Archbishop of Havana, Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García

Thanks to all who make this radio broadcast possible, today July 4, the fourteenth Sunday of ordinary liturgical time.

Today the Gospel of Mark chapter 6, verses 1 to 6 is read in all the Catholic churches of the world.


Everyone is amazed at the wisdom of Jesus, the carpenter from Nazareth, the son of the Virgin Mary, the one who had brothers and sisters. The Bible designates brothers to any degree of kinship.

There is great admiration for the words of Jesus and they were puzzled to listen to someone who for 30 years had gone unnoticed in their town and who only remembered his good work in wood and other trades typical of the time and his disinterested service. .

He is this one who had never spoken in the synagogue, a meeting place to read the Bible and comment on it and now captivates with his words never heard from him.

And now they also reject it in such a way that Jesus himself, who had already explained Sacred Scripture in many villages and had healed many sick people and worked miracles, comments: “I am surprised by the lack of faith of my people, Nazareth.”

It happens to many prophets that they ignore them, they make fun of them, they turn their backs on them. Many gospel preachers are rejected.

To many fathers, mothers, grandparents, when they teach good, honesty, getting along with siblings, children and grandchildren brand us as backward.

In these cases the difficulty does not come from the prophet, preacher, teacher, family members, but from the listeners, who do not want to see, hear and live. There is no worse blind than he who does not want to see, there is no worse deaf than he who does not want to hear.

However, despite unbelief and lack of faith, Jesus continues to preach in the kingdom of God even nailed to the cross. The mother continues to teach despite being crucified by her children, the wise grandparents always expect a better behavior from their grandchildren, even if the advice comes through one ear and comes out the other.

Congratulations to all the prophets who persevere despite disinterest in their words.


Parents, who are prophets, suffer the same as Jesus:

I had the baddest dad in the world. When they gave us cake, ice cream, sweets, I had to share them with my brothers.

We went to bed early, after Pumpkin.

He forced us to bathe every day, wash our hands.

When we traveled by bus, as he did, we had to give the seat to the old people, people with crutches, pregnant women.

Before going out to play, it was necessary to show that the tasks were done.

The loudest scolding came when we disrespected mother and grandparents, and we received a sovereign beating when we stole mangoes from neighbors and other goods.

Our dad, who loved mom so much, taught us with life and example that loving each other for life is the happiest marriage.

He also taught us that when you run from God, everything runs from you. And he always kept a sign in the house: “WITH GOD ALL, WITHOUT GOD NOTHING.”

Many friends have told me that my dad is the worst dad in the world.

All my brothers want to be the worst dad in the world like my dad.

Thanks Dad.


Mothers who are prophets suffer the same as Jesus:

My brothers and I had the baddest mom in the world.

We had to have breakfast, lunch and eat whatever there was, even if we didn’t like it.

We all had to eat sitting at the table and not leave anything on the plate.

My mother always insisted on knowing where we were, it seemed that we were incarcerated.

She had to know who our friends were and what we were doing.

She insisted that if we said it was going to take an hour, we would only take an hour.

She made us throw out the smelly garbage, make beds, learn to wash dishes, mop floors, carry water, wash our underwear, cook, keep the room tidy, and many other cruel things.

I think she would stay up at night thinking about the things she might make us do.

She always insisted that we tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

No one could knock on the neighbors’ door and run away. She taught us to say “thank you” and to want to help the old men on the block.

From her we learned to light candles, put flowers and pray every night to Our Lady of Charity.

Every time she got pregnant, many recommended to her “take it off”, but she ignored it and she defended her blessed fruits as a lioness, who are here today thanks to her love for us, her children.

None of us have been arrested, each of my brothers has served a mission and has also served our society.

And who should we blame for our horrible future?

To our mother, she was a complete failure.

See all that we have missed.

We have never been able to participate in robberies, drugs, alcohol, bad words, gossip that some friends made.

She made us honest and polite adults.

Now that she has gone to heaven and is no longer with us in this life, she has turned from bad to holy.

I am trying to educate my children in the same way.

I thank God for having given me the worst mother in the world, who gave us life, she educated us and helped us to be happy.


God teaches his children through the Book of Proverbs chapter 15:

A kind response calms the anger, a hurtful word increases the anger.

God’s eyes are everywhere, they look at the bad and the good.

Words that appease are a tree of life.

The wicked tongue breaks the energies.

The fool despises the correction of his father, the sensible heed the warnings.

There are many riches in the house of the righteous and many problems with the earnings of the wicked.

The words of the wise spread knowledge but they are not in the hearts of fools.

For the unhappy, all days are bad, the one who has a happy heart for the good always celebrates.

It is better to have little and to love God than to keep treasures and not have peace.

The raptured man fights, the one who takes time to get angry brings calm.

The path of the bum is soapy with brambles, the path of the workers is like a highway.

A wise son will be the joy of his father, a foolish son will be the shame of his mother.

Projects devoid of reflection fail, they will succeed if they have been well matured.

Happy the one who has the right answer, nothing better than a timely answer.

The path of the one who grows up, that of life, is for the sensible man, he will avoid the one who goes down to the abode of evil.

God tears down the house of the proud but protects the hedge from the widow.

An upright man reflects before answering, evil comes out of the mouth of the wicked by itself.

A benevolent look rejoices the heart, good news revives the strength.

He who pays attention to healthy advice will have his place among the wise, he who despises correction hurts himself.

The one who listens to the advice forms his conscience.

Man proposes but God disposes.

Word of God, we praise you sir.


Those who profess the religion of Judaism pray these prayers that we can make our own:

O our God and God of our fathers, may our prayer reach you. We will not tell you we are innocent, we have no sins, but we confess: we have sinned. We are truly guilty, we have been rebellious to your will. We have abused trust, we have blasphemed, we have incited evil, we have condemned the innocent, we have been proud, we have acted with violence, we have affirmed false things, we have given bad advice, we have deceived, we have despised respectable things, we have disobeyed, we have We have despised your laws, we have been wicked, we have committed injustices, we have oppressed our neighbor, we have hardened our hearts, we have given ourselves to corruption, we have committed shameful actions, we have followed bad ways, we have rejected our neighbor, we have abandoned your commandments to our misery and you, so fair in everything that happens to us, you have always continued to act with love and fidelity towards us, but we have ignored you and we have sinned.


Popular wisdom also teaches us.

Seeing an injustice is worse than suffering it.

Your possibilities are many if you are willing to look at the horizon with faith and hope.

Having strength in the heart and decisiveness in mind, success is natural.

There will always be things that are difficult to change, for those cases it is convenient to learn to digest them without making us sick.

Mishandled success can deceive you, feeding your ego and leading you away from the true path to happiness, the true path is that of humility and harmony.

If you want love in your life, you have the perfect tool so that your heart never fails.

To improve yourself in life, you just have to insist on constantly generating the necessary changes in us to act well.

It is not necessary to be the best in everything, but to be the person who seeks the good of others.

Life teaches in thousands of ways, always seeks to learn from love.

Never expect success if you are not well aware of effort, work and that it will benefit someone other than yourself.

Inside yourself is everything you need to turn failures and turn them into successes.

Happiness is not a thing, but a set of attitudes, thoughts and actions that keep us in harmony.

One day of our life is worth as much as the whole life, do not waste it.

Look for people who cheer your soul, not destroy your heart.

The triumphs should not be only in the labor or economic. The triumphs must be above all in the spiritual and emotional.

Have faith and trust, do your job, insist and be positive; you will see good fruit.

Remember even on your worst days that there is no tree that the wind has not shaken.

Life has challenged you to a new battle but don’t worry, you can win it.


Prayer to ward off storms:

O God, to whom all the elements of this universe obey, calm the fury of the storms, grant us a calm time so that through the thanksgiving of good times we can serve you for your glory and for the service of others. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

And the blessing of Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit descend on all the sick who suffer from the coronavirus and the Lord restore them to health. Amen.


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