Capilla de la extinta Universidad de Santo Tomás de Villanueva, en el municipio de Playa

Artist in rescue project

After being expropriated by the Cuban government, the chapel of the University of Villa Nueva was returned to the Catholic Church in 2009. Complicated construction and restoration works have been undertaken since then to give new life to the abused property, mercilessly destroyed by the hand of man and the inclemency of nature for more than half a century. Rael Rodríguez Capote, visual artist, appreciates the invitation to be part of this work. His task consists of restoring the Italian-style arches and making two mosaics: one of the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre and the other of the Lebanese saint San Charbel. He also assumes the restoration of a Cross and a 1.60 meter high Christ, the high and eternal priest. The dream was to inaugurate the church in July 2020, but the ravages of the covid prevented the realization of what will undoubtedly be “a gift for all Catholics and for the necessary spirituality of the Cuban nation.” […]

Entrada para los niños externos.

Memoirs of a Piarist priest in Guanabacoa

June 7 of this year marked the sixtieth anniversary of the publication in the Official Gazette of the Law of Nationalization of Education. Six decades after its application, it is appropriate to analyze the effects caused by the intervention process. A reliable sample of the result obtained is constituted by the Pious Schools and in particular the one located in the municipality of Guanabacoa. The stupefaction and sadness appear when contemplating the “destructive” state of what was until 1961 one of the best Catholic schools in Latin America and the Caribbean, if not the best in the entire American continent. The deterioration has advanced so much that the walls and ceilings are clearly seen about to fall on the workers of the Municipality of Education of Guanabacoa, who work in the offices installed in the immense building for more than twenty years, despite the danger . Only the novitiate house is spared from decline and it was in this place that the Piarist Father Ricardo Alberto Sola Ros, rector and superior of the order in Cuba, had the kindness to expose a succinct history of the Order of the Clerics to the New Word. Poor Regulars of the Mother of God of the Pious Schools, better known as Piarists. […]

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When a friend goes

Gustavo Andújar has said goodbye to us. For some the president of OCIC-Cuba since 1994, for others the director of Espacio Laical and Ecos magazine, and for many the world president of SIGNIS from 2014 to 2017. For Jorge Villa, a friend, who was joined by the enormous passion that both felt for the cinema. […]


Rest in peace, Gustavo

Gustavo Andújar was president of OCIC-Cuba since 1994, and when it joined the World Catholic Association for Communication (SIGNIS), he continued to lead the Cuban associate. In March 2014 he was elected president of SIGNIS worldwide, becoming the first Latin American to hold this position. […]


Allocution, July 25, XVII Sunday in Ordinary Time, Feast of Saint James the Apostle

Today’s Gospel invites us to share. “We will lack nothing, and those who give and receive will be satisfied.” In this way, Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García, in his Sunday address, invites us to give thanks to God every time we eat bread, food … and we pray that we can share them. “God himself, he said, will multiply, in one way or another, return what we gave.” He recalled that Jesus has commanded us to do the same at the Last Supper, take bread, give thanks, share and nourish ourselves with his body and blood in the Eucharist. “How wonderful, Christ and I identified both with a single heart, with a single soul, with a single desire for good and love.” […]


XVII Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Church of the first centuries greatly flourished from the witness and vitality of the early Christians, some of whom gave their lives and shed their blood like Christ. The Church of our time and place will be fruitful if each one of us intends to be Christians and witnesses of Christ to the last consequences, as was James, as were so many apostles and martyrs throughout history. Giving life, so that others may have life … tremendous challenge that, with Christ by our side, is attractive and achievable. […]

Ayuda enviada a Matanzas

When the heart is given

In recent days, the gestures of solidarity that many people have expressed towards the people of Matanzas move to tears. It is known that these actions multiply. It is about that genetic solidarity that accompanies us and that does not need slogans or ideologies to be present when it is most needed. To speak of initiatives of this type, the example of the one promoted by the Daughters of Charity can illustrate the response of the many Havanans who have known how to share what little they have. Many have even decided to keep little or nothing to give more, to share and help. […]


Bishop Siro: “the man of God first”

This July 19 we said goodbye to a man with many defects, who made mistakes during his life, but who, like all the saints we know, had more than good works and good decisions. From Bishop Siro we inherit his firmness and courage, his testimony of dedication and commitment to God; But above all he taught us love for Cuba, like the land where we are born and which we have to love if we say we love God, and he taught us to love the Church, to feel with her, to defend her from the storms; she is us; and as children and members of her, we have to take care of her and each one of us assume the responsibility that we have with her, without expecting others to do our part. […]


Mayte, poverty to enrich

Her body defeated by covid-19, buried in a friend’s vault, in a grassy cemetery and without sidewalks, María Teresa Varela Suárez (Mayte), Sister of Jesus, has been the living image of poverty. However, the person who writes these lines assures us, “his tunic has not been stained nor has his foot been injured”, because his faith and his brotherhood with Jesus remained intact despite the fear he felt when he entered Intensive Therapy, or of the difficult moments that his previous life had: that faith and that brotherhood are “the foot” and “the robe” of which the sacred author speaks, keeping them is the true protection that God offers to those who decide to accept his friendship or fulfill his mandates, said in biblical language. “Mayte helped me understand that life is precisely the rugged path to the Light, with the shadow behind you: those shadows of envy, resentment, fear or oppression. As if that were not enough, she helped me bear the consequences of walking towards that Light in Cuba ”. […]