A new Cuba has awakened

By: Diác. Maykel Gómez Hernández, sdb

Una nueva Cuba ha despertado

Many times, in our life, we have experienced pain in some way and on some occasions this pain leaves traces, it leaves marks on the heart that only time and God are able to heal.


These days we have lived events that have marked our history, and have shown the world the reality of a people, a truth that has been tried to hide for decades and that has finally been revealed.


The images speak for themselves, however, when you experience it live and in full color, things change. The accumulation of feelings found, the speed of thought and the reactions that they entail, the adrenaline that runs through the blood when uncovering with pure screams a story that is eating away at you inside, the feeling of being liberated walking under the sun, and most importantly: realizing that there are really four cats as they always told you, that “we are more”, is an indescribable experience. ´


At some point I heard someone say that “the orientation was to approach the protesters and shout slogans” … and then the scene transforms in a matter of seconds when the violence, the blows, the injustice begins … and suddenly the environment becomes a battlefield, that’s when it hurts, when you cry with rage, impotence, and the soul bleeds; wounds of the body do not hurt, wounds of the soul hurt.


It is not easy to see and witness injustice, abuse, when your most basic rights are violated. And that does violence; It is not possible, it is shameful for a president to order an attack against his own people. Since I was a child, I heard at school that “we had to prepare for when the Americans attacked us,” but I never imagined that they would throw us out to fight among Cubans. That blood cries out today from the earth, that blood stained our flag, that blood has mourned our country.


A cry of freedom


“The captive is the one who appreciates freedom”. [1] We are free to think for ourselves. Thinking freely also contains the right to freely express what one thinks. For this reason, those who think freely claim the right to freedom of expression. The state that today is called of law, presumes that the law is above individual persons, and that the social function of the power necessarily resides in reverence and make reverence that law. Insofar as the law is made by legitimate representatives of a people, free from violence to exercise their insurmountable will; free to choose their representatives, both at the legislative and executive levels; and free to pronounce its ideas and to form itself around them, this law represents and expresses the common good, which belongs to all because it springs from all and because it does not exempt anyone, not even the most fractious minority. To seek that common good is to build the homeland accessible to all and for the good of all dreamed of by José Martí. However, in today’s Cuba this is simply a mere utopia.


Once again a state of intimidation, lack of tolerance, of coercion has been imposed on us, according to the scheme of communists’ totalitarianism. This has created an agglomeration of sufferings, imprisonment, marginalization, persecution, violation of freedom and violation of fundamental rights, in a climate of violence and terror, which is difficult to conceive for those who have not suffered it in their own flesh, but that is a latent reality after July 11.


The outrage of the authorities in the different spheres of life; the arbitrary use and control of information at all levels; suspension of the internet; surveillance, pressure and repression systems; national television programs showing the content of the laws and the systems that execute and interpret them, all this is aimed at communicating the impression that nothing escapes the absolute power of the state and its official representatives, to continue intimidating and creating a state of absolute terror.


In Cuba, the circumstances that hinder the full exercise of human rights have become clear, since they restrict their own and public freedoms, and without the free exercise of these, what freedom can be discussed? Obviously there are many things in our society that must be incited, but in a profitable way, to highlight their flaws without undermining the fundamental and necessary values ​​without which full human fulfillment is absurd.


The first step has been taken, and a new Cuba has awakened, tomorrow still uncertain, but the flame of hope lit in the heart, we must pray insistently so that arms are laid down, never again will a Cuban raise his hand against another Cuban, so that this freedom that made an entire island vibrate is a reality, and then we can build a nation with opportunities for all.

[1] Caballero, J. d. (1960). Aphorisms Havana: University of Havana. p. 193

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