Message addressed to the Cuban Church by Sister Toñi Valverde

Por: Hermana Toñi Valverde

Dear All:

Given the need to be close to my parents and take care of them in the illnesses they are suffering, I want to communicate with pain that I have been assigned to the community of Sisters of the Love of God in my town: Bullas, from Murcia, in Spain.

Here my heart stays, because I have felt welcomed, integrated, and I have been able to deploy in communion with the Church, missionary, educational, vocational and charitable action.
It has been fifteen years in Cuba, nine in Ranchuelo, and six in Havana, but it seems that he was born here. I feel Cuban. I share your joys and sorrows, and I fight with you to live faith, hope and charity, stepping on “earth” and looking at “heaven.”

I want to thank all those who have taught me to be a better person and religious, I cannot fail to mention here the goodness and positivity and the example of life of Mons. Juan de la Caridad, the closeness of Monsignor Arturo, the openness to divine providence of my Sr. Teresa, the Trust of my young Sisters: Marta and Odita, and the example of dedication of the Sisters Inmaculada and Victoria.

To the children of the Nursery, I want to say that they have brought me the best music and that they have stolen my heart.

To the teachers and other personnel of the Padre Usera Nursery, that it has been wonderful to be founded on faith, hope and charity, and that in this way the Love of God reaches children and their families with transparency, as Father Usera wanted .

To the advisors for Missionary Childhood and Adolescence, the support we have given each other has been very beautiful to promote together the mission of children and evangelize other children of catechesis, and even outside the Church.

To the missionaries, who I regret that I cannot accompany you in this persevering task, of being an outgoing Church, I want to thank you for your perseverance and sacrificial dedication to the Community to which you are sent.

To the simple people of the fields, who are great sages, who in the difficulties of daily life, have saved me, because we have shared with each other, in addition to faith, practical advice and material goods.

To adolescents and young people, from the Life Orientation groups. Let them go on, because Christ loves them, he expects a lot from them.

To the priests and seminarians who have passed through the life orientation groups, that I am proud to have been part of their life, and that I feel they are my children.

I also want to apologize for the evils caused by my human frailty, spontaneity, and for covering more than I can.

Thank you all from our hearts, we continue to pray for each other, and if the Lord allows it, when the reason for my departure passes, I want to return to Cuba and continue sharing life and faith with you, my Cuban people. I hug them and love them: Me, Toñi.

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