Allocution, July 11, 2021, XV Sunday in Ordinary Time

Por: Arzobispo de La Habana, cardenal Juan de la Caridad García

Thanks to all who make this radio broadcast possible today, Sunday, July 11, the fifteenth Sunday of ordinary liturgical time. Today we hear in all the Catholic churches of the world the Gospel according to Saint Mark, chapter 6, verses 7 to 13.




God the Father called us to life through the love of our parents, and by creating us in his image and likeness, he filled us with particular gifts, so that as we grew and developed them and made them grow, we would share them with those of us. surround.

God gives gifts as homework. Jesus Christ, who invites us to establish his Kingdom of love in the midst of our families, churches and peoples, sends us to proclaim his gospel of love, peace, and harmony.

He wants us to remove the evil that prevents us from being friends and the hatred that prevents us from being happy.

He wants us to pray for the sick and for those who care for them, to bring them the good news that he loves them himself.

The Lord Jesus sends us only with Faith, Hope and Charity and wants us to leave them comfort, peace, the strength of the Word of God, and when possible, the blessings of the sick, the blessings of the sacraments and the blessing of penance and the Eucharist.

It is true that when asked to go to the proclamation of the gospel, we doubted like Moses: “Who am I to lead my people out of slavery to the Egyptians?” (Genesis 2, 12); “Like Jeremiah, I am a boy and I do not know how to express myself” (Jeremiah 1, 6); “Like Jonah, who went in the opposite direction from where God was sending him; some apostles who, even before the dispatch to all the peoples, doubted ”(Matthew 28:16).

The men of God, despite doubts and hesitations, followed the command of Jesus and overcame their fears and difficulties.

Sometimes we too have doubts and we delay announcing Christ to those we love because we think they will not listen to us.

Let’s announce the gospel to those we love. It is our best gift. It is the greatest inheritance we can leave.

The material goods that we share, although they make us happy, run out quickly. The Word of God remains until the last day. Let’s read the Bible, with those who live in our house, let’s pray with them. Never take no for an answer on our part. If someone says no, let’s not be us. A multiplied love will arise if husband and wife read the gospel together and discuss it.

A great understanding will be present if parents and children read and discuss the Word of God together; a great concord will walk through the house if everyone reads and comments together what God says in Sacred Scripture. And let us all pray together so that what God tells us and asks for will come true. What happiness!




We thank God for so many missionaries, some of whom have come from afar, who have told us about God, about his Church, about charity with others, very especially today we thank God for Sister Toñi, who After filling us with God, he returns to his father’s house and to his native town.


Dear All:

“Given the need to be close to my parents and take care of the illnesses they are suffering, I want to communicate with pain that I have been assigned to the community of Sisters of the Love of God in my town: Bullas, from Murcia, in Spain.

Here my heart stays, because I have felt welcomed, integrated, and I have been able to deploy in communion with the Church, missionary, educational, vocational and charitable action.

It has been 15 years in Cuba, 9 in Ranchuelo, and 6 in Havana, but it seems that he was born here. I feel Cuban. I share your joys and sorrows, and I fight with you to live faith, hope and charity, stepping on “earth” and looking at “heaven.”

I want to thank all those who have taught me to be a better person and religious, I cannot fail to mention here the goodness and positivity and the example of life of Monsignor Juan de la Caridad, the closeness of Monsignor Arturo, the openness to the divine providence of my Sr. Teresa, the Trust of my young Sisters: Marta and Odita, and the example of dedication of the Sisters Inmaculada and Victoria.

To the children of the Nursery, I want to say that they have brought me the best music and that they have stolen my heart.

To the teachers and other personnel of the Padre Usera Nursery, that it has been wonderful to be founded on faith, hope and charity, and that in this way the Love of God reaches children and their families with transparency, as Father Usera wanted .

To the advisors for Missionary Childhood and Adolescence, the support we have given each other has been very beautiful to promote together the mission of children and evangelize other children of catechesis, and even outside the Church.

To the missionaries, who I regret that I cannot accompany you in this persevering task, of being an outgoing Church, I want to thank you for your perseverance and sacrificial dedication to the Community to which you are sent.

To the simple people of the fields, who are great sages, who in the difficulties of daily life, have saved me, because we have shared with each other, in addition to faith, practical advice and material goods.

To adolescents and young people, from the Life Orientation groups. Let them go on, because Christ loves them, he expects a lot from them.

To the priests and seminarians who have passed through the life orientation groups, that I am proud to have been part of their life, and that I feel they are my children.

I also want to apologize for the evils caused by my human frailty, spontaneity, and for covering more than I can.

Thank you all from our hearts, we continue to pray for each other, and if the Lord allows it, when the reason for my departure passes, I want to return to Cuba and continue sharing life and faith with you, my Cuban people. I hug them and love them: Me, Toñi ”.




Next Friday, July 16, we celebrate the feast of the Virgen del Carmen:


Santa María del Carmen, who carried Jesus Christ in your womb,

you carried him, you taught him the Word of God, and of your own Son

you learned to fully live this Word,

teach us to preserve and meditate on the Gospel of your Son.

Santa María del Carmen, who was present on Mount Carmel,

where the prophet Elijah lived, and you were refuge and strength

for those who in Community wanted to follow your Son,

help us today to live as a family like you, José and Jesus

and those of us who call ourselves Christians, join us

to have one heart and one soul.

Santa María del Carmen that from the top of your Church

you protect and pray for Havana,

pray for us so that we praise God in your temples,

let us serve the sick and the most needy,

and educate in faith, hope and charity,

to the smallest of the family.

Santa María del Carmen, we want to put on your scapular and your love,

to, at the end of our lives, hear from the lips of Christ:

Come, blessed of my Father and take possession of the Kingdom prepared for you,

because I was hungry and you gave me to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me to drink;

I was a stranger and you hosted me; I went without clothes and you clothed me;

sick and in jail and you visited me ”.

Santa María del Carmen, look with love at the priests, nuns and religious

who profess Carmelite spirituality

and pray to the Holy Spirit to raise up in Cuba many workers of the Gospel

in the style of the Carmelite saints.

Santa María del Carmen, remember that you are the Mother of sailors,

of those called Carmen, remember how many venerate you in the temples

dedicated to you and also remember our deceased;

Stand next to these children of yours, as you were at the foot of the Cross of your Son,

and present all our supplications to God the Father,

now that you’re in the glory of heaven

with your Son Jesus Christ who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.


We congratulate all the peoples whose patron saint is the Virgen del Carmen and all the people who bear the name Carmen, as their first or second name.

You bear the name Carmen, this name in the language of Jesus Christ means “garden”. The Virgin, whose name you bear, has been a garden of faith, hope and charity.

Be a garden of faith, and fully trust your daddy God who never abandons us.

Be a garden of hope, and put everything in the hands of your Creator, Savior and Sanctifier.

Be yourself a garden of charity, and live more every day what the Word of God tells you in the First Letter to the Corinthians, chapter 3.

If you are a garden, your family, your Church and your people will be. Remember that the Virgen del Carmen is your mother from heaven and she is always by your side. Congratulations.




We pray for Pope Francis who is undergoing surgery and is recovering satisfactorily.


Lord Jesus Christ, accompany Pope Francis in his surgery bed, and your Holy Spirit strengthen him so that he may live his faith today, proclaimed in this expression of faith, which he wrote before being ordained a priest:

“I want to believe in God the Father, who loves me as a son, and in Jesus, the Lord, who infused his Spirit into my life to make me smile and thus lead me to the eternal Kingdom of life.
I believe in the Church.

I believe in history, which was pierced by God’s loving gaze and on the spring day, September 21, that he came out to meet me to invite me to follow him.

I believe in my pain, infertile by selfishness, in which I take refuge.

I believe in the pettiness of my soul that seeks to swallow without giving … without giving.

I believe that others are good and that I must love them without fear and without ever betraying them, seeking safety for myself.

I believe in religious life.

I think I want to love a lot.

I believe in daily, burning death, to which I flee, but which smiles at me inviting me to accept it.

I believe in God’s patience, welcoming, good, like a summer night.

I think dad is in heaven, next to the Lord.

I believe that Father Duarte is also there, interceding for my priesthood.

I believe in Mary, my Mother, who she loves and will never leave me alone.

And I wait in the surprise of each day when love and strength will manifest itself, which will always accompany me until that final encounter with that wonderful face that I don’t know what it is like, but I want to know and love. Amen”.




With humility and confidence, let us invoke the Lord on behalf of our brothers and sisters who are sick with covid. At the end of each invocation we pray “Lord, listen and have mercy.”

Visit them with your mercy and comfort them with your blessing …

“Lord listen and have mercy.”

Deliver them from all evil …

“Lord listen and have mercy.”

Relieve the pain of his illness …

“Lord listen and have mercy.”

Assists those who are dedicated to the care of all these patients …

“Lord listen and have mercy.”

Give life and health for those of us who are praying right now …

“Lord listen and have mercy.”

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, his will be done on earth as it is in heaven, give us today our daily bread, forgive our offenses as we also forgive those who offend us , do not allow us to fall into temptation and deliver us from evil. Amen.




We join Christ spiritually wherever he wants us to be.


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