Allocution, July 18, XVI Ordinary Time Sunday

By: Archbishop of Havana, Cardinal Juan de la Charity García

Thanks to all those who make this radial emission possible, today, Sunday, July 18, sixteenth ordinary Sunday of liturgical time. In all the churches, the Gospel of Mark, Chapter 6, verses 30 to 34 is read.


The apostles return content from the mission made that Jesus had entrusted to them and invites them to go to a quiet place to rest. A good quiet place to rest from daily work is our house, the best place, not only because we spend the greatest time of our lives, every day, but because there is the greatest richness of our existence: the love of our parents, Of the spouses, grandparents, brothers, grandchildren and other relatives.

After work, the husband returns flying to his house because his wife, the queen, awaits him as the lover who wishes to the love of his life; So the house is a quiet, peaceful and full happiness place. If the husband does not return flying because he does not expect him as the in love of him, he will never find a quiet place to rest. If after the daily occupations the wife smiles, caresses, she gladly receives the king of her life, the house becomes a beautiful palace although many material goods are missing. But if the husband receives a hairy spider there is no palace and yes a hell.

If the children contemplate how their parents want will want to be longer in the house and not far from it and learn how the true marriage and happiness that entails, and will want to have such a marriage, and it will be easier for them to understand and live the Family affection, the Brotherhood, who seeks the happiness of the brother or sister, and it will be very easy to extend that brotherhood to the Friends of the neighborhood, the School, the Park. What happiness for parents having children like that.

When the In-laws see that the daughter and the son-in-law, the daughter-in-law and the son want to help, they feel happy and happy, the conflicts of them will end up with the spouses and wives of the sons and daughters. What peace, what a quiet place where we all want to be.

When the grandparents, who have been alone for hours, and those who love them come, a great joy is present and the loneliness felt and suffered; Peace returned to the house, tranquility multiplied and you can enjoy them and for them all. And when the patients see enter through the door of the house, who love them and take care of them, the pains forgot because the medicine of love came. And being all together in the palace of tranquility, when all cooperating in domestic work, while eating all together, seeing interesting programs of television all together and commenting and when praying all together, our house will become an extraordinary Palace, where everyone will wish to return early and spend as long as possible. And we all like to visit palaces and live in them, and neighbors too. And the neighbors seeking that it is possible to live in palaces of love, they will build their own.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, who lived in Nazareth in a palace of Love, Peace and Concord, pray for our families to always live in a quiet place and full of peace.


A quiet place is the Sagrio where Jesus Christ is found in the consecrated bread. The road, truth, life, the pastor. Go to the tabernacle, noted by a red lucecita in the church, and conversing with Jesus full of peace. Everyone who spends a time of confession against the Sagrario, they leave transformed and feel guided in their lives for the good pastor. If you are overwhelmed, tell Christ your overwhelm; If you suffer, tell him your pain; If you cry, do it in front of him; If you can not forgive Tell him; If your family is a disaster, press me; If you have done the evil ask for forgiveness; If you do not have hope, tell him why; If you are sick, pray health of soul and body. Talk about your life, your family, your church, from your people.

A peasant was going to the tabernacle every day and spent an hour seated in front of Christ Eucharist. The admired priest asked him: “What do you say to the Lord Jesus?” “I only say: here is Juan.”

A young man every day towards a visit to the Holy and passed a while and told the Lord: “Here is Yin, reporting.”

The Pepito Child was turning Mary, his young teacher, in a shortcut of nerves. One morning, before she started classes, Professor María was writing something in shorthand. The boy appeared over there and asked him: “What do you write?” Mary said: “It is a prayer to God.” Pepito laughing, he asked him: “God can read shorthand?” She replied: “God can do everything, until reading this prayer.” Saying this, the teacher got up, put the note in her Bible and turned to write on the blackboard. By flocking María, Pepito stole her note and put her in her notebook. Years later, being looking at a box of old books, Pepito found the note that. He took her to the office for his secretary to transcribe him. The note said: “Dear God, I can not be calm anymore and make Pepito behaved well, because he is always bothering and not attending to classes, touches his heart. He is a person who can become a very good one. ” Pepito, by listening to the translation of the shorthand was stunned, because he only knew how successful that prayer had been and how well had been for him, since he became a great student, in a great worker.

If in your family, if in your house, there is a conflictive person, write a letter to God and put it under the Sagrario asking him that everything is improved and that everything is fixed. Like the disciples on Easter Sunday afternoon, we also tell you:

“Stay with us Lord, because he is coming the night and is declining the day. Stay with us to dispel our doubts, to calm our fears, to show us the way. Stay with us to console us in our sorrows, to support us in our weaknesses, to sanctify us for your spirit. Stay with us according to your promise, every day and until the end of the world. Amen.


Reciminate the Virgin:

By the doctors who serve the contagious and suspects of Coronavirus … Santa María de la Charity begs for us.

For all the nurses and nurses who are taking care of the sick … Santa María de la Charity begs for us.

By the staff of the Hygiene and Epidemiology centers, health technicians and service employees of the isolation centers … Santa María de la Charity begs for us.

By scientists who prepare vaccines … Santa María de la Charity begs for us.

For the researchers of the different sciences that are united in order to eradicate this pandemic … Santa María de la Charity begs for us.

For each missionary disciple to communicate to the wind consolation and hope to the sick … Santa María de la Charity begs for us.

For the families of the contagious … Santa María de la Charity begs for us.

For the deceased because of the pandemic and for their loved ones who suffer their absence and human pain of having not accompanied them in pain … Santa María de la Charity begs for us.

God Save You Mary, Full You Are Gracia, The Lord is With You. Blessed are you among all women and blessed is the fruit of your belly, Jesus. Santa María, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the time of our death. Amen.


Reciminates for personal, family, ecclesial, national and global peace:

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hate put me love; Where there is an offense, I forgive myself; where there is discord, I put harmony; Where there is a mistake, put me right; where there is doubt I put the faith; where there is despair put me hope; where there are darkness put the light; Where there is sadness, I am joy. That I do not insist so much on being comforted and in console, to be understood as in understanding, in being loved as in love. Because giving is received, forgetting itself, forgiving is forgiven, dying is resurrected to life.


Like the Israelites, such as innumerable Christians, we manifest our trust in the Lord who goes before our lives and we promise that we will follow him, and we manifest him by singing Psalm 23 “The Lord is my pastor”.


Tonight, all together in the house, we read this psalm, Psalm 23 and we discussed it among all. A great tranquility and a great peace will warn in our hearts and in our home. The blessing of Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit descend upon you, about your families and stay forever. Amen.

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