Brushstrokes of disappointment

By: Dr. Rolando Naranjo

"Mirada perdida". Foto: Lázaro Numa

Hungarian Arthur Koester stated: “nothing is sadder than the loss of an illusion.” If it corresponds to lack of success in something that interests, it generates sadness. The person is not happy, does not feel satisfied or pleased. And that is unhappiness. The behavior is no longer as friendly as one would like. The inherent bitterness of disappointment is followed by disinterest and the desire to even speak and especially to listen to others disappear. It is time not to neglect personal hygiene, food and self-care because everything loses meaning. It becomes very difficult to accept the reality that it is not possible to change. So, the present is not lived, if it exists. And when it is evident that there is “bad yeast in the human being” as Francisco de Asís said, distance from reality is lost, the tendency to blame someone arises and useless complaints ensue. Sometimes with a certain basis and others for trifles.


It is not beneficial to weaken the will, fear loneliness or give in to failure without the necessary patience. It is helpful to set aside expectations somewhat, close companions of frustrations, to realize that the embarrassed person muddies their present without realizing that the world does not revolve around anyone in particular. The best effort must be directed to face life without unfounded fears, always seeking with kindness, the closeness of the good and true that approximates real beauty. Nothing is absolutely guaranteed in society, everything requires courage, sometimes daring, discipline, courage and perseverance. Once the thoughts about what to do or not to do have been assumed, if greed or the mere desire to possess is banished, triumph and peace are closer to having treated the pernicious and sometimes masked greed well. Thus one navigates between desires, dreams, ills and anguish to necessarily forget and leave behind.


Live the present.

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