Faith is the only thing that breaks the boundaries

Por: José Manuel González-Rubines

El obispo de la diócesis del Santísimo Salvador de Bayamo-Manzanillo, Mons. Álvaro Julio Beyra Luarca, ofició la última misa de cuerpo presente en el segundo día de honras fúnebres dedicadas al fallecido cardenal Jaime Ortega, arzobispo emérito de San Cristóbal de La Habana.
Monseñor Beyra Luarca destacó la importancia de aceptar el camino trazado por Dios y hacer frente a los miedos que pueden interponerse
Monsignor Beyra Luarca stressed the importance of accepting god’s path and dealing with fears that may come forward

The Bishop of the Diocese of the Most Holy Saviour of Bayamo-Manzanillo, Msgr. Alvaro Julio Beyra Luarca, officiated the last mass of body present on the second day of funeral honors dedicated to the late Cardinal Jaime Ortega, Archbishop Emeritus of San Cristobal of Havana.

In the face of a parishioner composed mostly of young people who filled the Habanera cathedral to dismiss Cardinal Ortega, Archbishop Beyra Luarca stressed the importance of accepting the path set by God and dealing with the fears that may stand in the way.

“Faith is the only thing capable of breaking boundaries,” said the bishop, who also assured that the Lord always guarantees his help. This is where the importance of the episcopal motto chosen by Msgr. Jaime lies: “My grace is enough for you,” he said.

The prelaught emphasized that feeling incapacity and inadequacy comes first to the work god assigns, but relying on his help is the key that Christians must follow, inspired by the example of the recently deceased cardinal, who did great things by trusting in the Grace of the Father.

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