Presiding Confessor of Cardinal Mass of the Present Body

Por: Yarelis Rico Hernández

El querido sacerdote dominico Manuel Uña, quien durante quince años fue el confesor del cardenal Jaime Ortega
Preside confesor del cardenal misa de cuerpo presente
Preside confesor del cardenal misa de cuerpo presente

The dear Dominican priest Manuel Uña, who for fifteen years was the confessor of Cardinal Jaime Ortega, said he was very grateful for the possibility given to him by the Archbishop of Havana, Msgr. Juan García, to preside over the mass of body present developed in the Havana cathedral in the afternoon hours of Saturday, July 27.

Referring to this stage with the cardinal, he recognized it as God’s opportunity to walk side by side, as a big brother and younger brother, into the future. He assured that Jaime Ortega, in addition to priest, archbishop and cardinal, was, from the beginning until the end of his life, son. “There was always a desire in him to do what the Father liked, how and when he asked to do.”

He recounted his meeting with the Cardinal just a month before he passed away to administer to him the sacrament of mercy and the aion of the sick. “Jaime assured me to be willing, I was just asking God to remain his strength.”

At the conclusion of the Mass, Father Yosvany Carvajal Sureda, parish priest of the cathedral, thanked Father Manuel Uña for his presence and asked those present for a loud round of applause for the Cuban cardinal. The answer was a heartfelt ovation.

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