The Archbishop Who Was Jaime Ortega

Por: José Manuel González-Rubines

Homilía, Mons. Ramón Suárez Polcari, canciller de la Arquidiócesis

In today’s first ritual celebration in homage to Cardinal Jaime Ortega and celebrated in the Havana cathedral, the figure of the man who, by becoming archbishop of Havana, knew how to fall in love with her and love her to the pain was evoked.

In his homily, Msgr. Ramón Suárez Polcari, Chancellor of the Archdiocese, recalled when the still young Msgr. Jaime arrived in the difficult square that is the Cuban capital and revived the pastoral action of the Church, giving priority, among other actions, to the recovery and restoration of many temples.

Pastorals such as Those of Family, Youth, Culture, Penitentiary and Communication lived a rebirth with the impetus given by the new bishop. “In my case,” Archbishop Polcari said, “I was appointed by him as an adviser to youth ministry. That was the first thing he asked me when I arrived in Havana and it turned out to me a wonderful experience.”

“Jaime was a man with a vision for the future, a faithful servant of Christ and his Church. I’m glad I was close to him. Not losing hope was, for me, the wise counsel of a close friend and that I always pass on to young Catholics,” he said.

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