Allocution December 25, 2020

By: Archbishop of Havana, Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García

Today, in all the churches of the world, the biblical text of the gospel according to Luke chapter 2, verses 1 to 20, is read.


In all the births that we have contemplated in the churches and in the houses, there is the figure of St. Joseph, commissioned by God the Father to care for Our Lady and the baby Jesus. Joseph is a strong man, hardworking, available, able to turn a cave into a house, water loader, food seeker and every sacrifice on behalf of his family makes him very happy, despite countless difficulties, and makes Our Lady and the child very happy.

We thank God for so many fighting dads, animated, who don’t tire of solving and searching here and there, and even if they fail, they continue in the fight. Then, at night, he tells his wife everything he did, that she already knows, caresses her, says beautiful words to her and she is happy. What joy in the midst of poverty! What a joy in the midst of difficulties! How happy the children who see that their parents love them! St. Joseph begs for all the parents.


At births we find Our Lady. In her there is a shining face as in every mother who gives birth to her son. Our Lady, happy and happy to see her blessed fruit, who is the Son of God made man. All moms present listeners know what the joy of pregnancy is, giving birth, breastfeeding, carrying, bathing, feeding. Like you esteemed mothers, all that was done by Our Lady.

We thank God for our mother, alive or deceased. We’ll never know all the love he gave us. Let us be grateful as Jesus to his mother and do not make them suffer.

Saint Mary, Mother of all mothers, prays for them, multiplies their joys, accompanies them in their tears, help them to educate their children with their own tenderness and maternal demand.


Every mom and every mom wonders when the son and daughter are born: What will become of this boy or girl?

The child of God, of Joseph and Mary is the one expected for centuries by the people of God, the Son of God made man, the way by which no one has ever been lost, the truth that does not disappoint, the life fully happy, the Lamb of God who takes away hatred, violence, injustice, inconvenience, divisions, intolerance.

Your boy and your child, dear fathers and mothers, will be what you sow. If they sow love, honesty, family harmony, sacrifice for the sick and the elderly, help the neighbors, faith in God and in our Lady of Charity, they will gather fruits of happiness, great tranquility, great peace and joy and a healthy pride in seeing children who do not cause headaches.

The teaching of example, words, and correction will make you, dear fathers and mothers, very happy as Joseph and Mary as you teach Jesus and learn from Him.

In the cradle of the child Jesus we place the conflicting children to tell them the way. In the hands of Our Lady we place our children so that she may protect them from all evil and show them how to be truly happy.


In births we see the Magi who gave gold to Jesus Christ, who is King of Love; incense, aromatic resin that through heat exhales smell and that smoke rises to heaven and is dedicated to God; myrrh, perfume given to the man-God who will die on the cross and be anointed with this perfume.

The Three Wise Men remind us of grandparents who always have the wealth of kisses and hugs and also the richness of the weights they give to their grandchildren with overflowing joy, especially when parents have no money to please children. Grandparents also have the lived wealth of honesty, the fulfillment of duty, responsibility, selfless service. This is wealth.


The shepherds, present in the cave of Bethlehem remind us of the neighbors, some very good and regular others, but present at the birth of a child and in difficult times. In the cave of Bethlehem the shepherds became the family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus and brought what they could to share it. Also our neighbors at certain times are part of our family. What a beautiful people who are capable of living friendship and fraternity!


We also see at births a star that led the Magi to Bethlehem, to the cave of the child God. There’s been a lot of speculation about this Star.

Astronomer John Kepler says the luminosity seen by the Magi was due to a rare alignment of Jupiter, Saturn and Venus, which produced an effect of a single high-gloss star. This phenomenon will happen again and be visible in the northern hemisphere.

Let us look to heaven these days and this brilliingness that guided the Magi to God, leads us to the Child God with whom we have everything and without Him nothing.

The popular wisdom of India makes us this narrative:

The teacher asked his disciples if they knew when the night was over and the day began.

One of them replied:

-When you see an animal from a distance and you can tell if it is a cow or a horse.

“No, ” replied the master.

Another asserted:

-When you see a tree in the distance and you can tell if it’s avocado or mango.

“Neither,” the master argued.

-It’s okay. Tell us when the day starts?

-When you look a man in the face and recognize a brother in him; when you look a woman in the face and recognize your sister in it. If you’re not capable of that, then whatever time it is, it’ll be night for you.

Let us follow the light of Christ so as not to live and walk in darkness and to always go in search of this light that makes us see the wonders of God and united families.


In births we see angels proclaiming and singing: Glory to God in heaven and on earth, peace. Glory to God in heaven and in Cuba, peace. Glory to God in heaven and in my house, peace.

And if there is any old family conflict or between people, today, the day of the sun and light or before the end of the year, let us give a sweet, send a photo of the old affection, a Christmas card, a congratulations to the enmity and distanced person and something nice will happen. Don’t wait any longer.

So we can live in peace, sleep in peace, die in peace.

And we pray to Our Lady:

Sweet Mother, don’t walk away, your view of me don’t go away.

Come with me everywhere and never just leave me.

And since you protect me as much as you do, as a true Mother,

May the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost bless me.



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