A Church That Chooses Seriousness and Serenity

With the entry into Cuba of covid-19, the Church insisted on an affective, spiritual follow-up and, in many cases, material support for food, grooming and medicines, to those who needed it most. This is the specific field in which you have expressed your charitable commitment during this period. It’s easy to say, but the experience we’ve experienced makes us think we’ve gone through “a real ordeal.” The arrival of covid-19 on the island at the beginning of the year added to a reality of crisis, a health situation that was already complex, even for countries with strong economies, in many of which it put its health systems in check. The disease entered and added to a complex scenario characterized by a shortage of medicines, food and a variety of necessities. In this same context, more sharpened, we continue, with the addition in these final months of the year, of the discontent expressed by some sectors of the population, especially intellectual, so that the Cuban State recognizes the right of citizens to dissent and freedom of expression. By the way, Palabra Nueva spoke with Msgr. Emilio Aranguren Echeverría, President of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Cuba (COCC) and Bishop of the Diocese of Holguin. […]

Editorial Nov 2020

About to say goodbye to 2020

El final de un año civil coincide con las celebraciones navideñas para los cristianos. Dios, en Jesucristo, se ha hecho hombre. Esta verdad de nuestra fe, deja claro que no hay ninguna realidad humana a la que Dios sea indiferente. Él ha acompañado al mundo en este 2020, también a los cubanos, quienes preocupados aún por la covid-19, fijamos nuestra atención en otras cosas: que nuestro niños y jóvenes no se enfermen en la escuela, que los problemas económicos del país no se sigan agudizando, que podamos tener los alimentos necesarios para llevar a la mesa y la posibilidad de comprarlos con un salario justo, fruto de nuestro trabajo; que se avizore un futuro posible de esperanza, sosiego y progreso integral para nuestra nación, principalmente para los jóvenes y los ancianos; que Cuba sea un lugar de entendimiento y diálogo sobre el presente y futuro de la patria, respetuoso de visiones diferentes, donde el hecho de ser cubano y amar a Cuba prevalezca sobre las inevitables y deseables aproximaciones distintas, pues siempre es más rico un proyecto que aglutina, entusiasma y compromete a más personas. […]

Palabra de Hoy

Holy Family Sunday

December 27, 2020 Whoever respects his father will have a long life, and whoever honors his mother obeys the Lord. As God’s chosen, holy and beloved, review yourself with endearing compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, patience. […]


Allocution December 25, 2020

In his allocution this December 25th, Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García, Archbishop of Havana, invites us to follow in the light of Christ so as not to live and walk in darkness. This light makes us see the wonders of God and united families. “In births we see angels proclaiming and singing: Glory to God in heaven and on earth, peace. Glory to God in heaven and in Cuba, peace. Glory to God in heaven and in my house, peace.” […]

Palabra de Hoy

Solemnity of the Nativity of the Lord

At Christmas we recall God’s greatest commitment to humanity. The eternal Son of the Father became flesh forever, for us, and for our salvation. May such a delivery be fruitful for all. May we, in this particular year, feel God close again and pass it on to those around us.
Merry Christmas. […]

Palabra de Hoy

Fourth Sunday of Advent

Saying yes to God will lead us on unsuspected, even unwanted paths, but It will free us from fear and risk of mistakes, from the danger of wasting the life He has given us. Saying yes to God implies humility of heart, serenity, audacity, perseverance, struggle with oneself, capacity and willingness to listen, generous dedication. So was Mary’s yes, not a one-day response, but a decision that defined her whole life. […]


What comes from the past

With the premiere of “Malasaña 32” (Albert Pintó), a film that takes up haunted houses –so common in horror plots–, Spanish cinema once again transitions from mystery to belief. Although it does not want to be the typical film of bloodied dead and murderous spirits, it ends up being too gimmicky. And it’s a shame … because “Malasaña 32”, which exhibits a very attractive setting on the screen, carries a complicated life story, the one necessary to have given more substance to the narrative. […]


Leonardo Padura and his readings of history

With regard to the Carlos Fuentes Medal, awarded this year to Leonardo Padura, Palabra Nueva shares some excerpts from the conference “The Novel in front of the Mirror of History”, with which the Cuban writer opened the Carlos Fuentes Literary Hall of the Guadalajara International Book Fair, in its special edition online 2020. […]