1st allocution. November 2020, Solemnity of All Saints.

By: S.E.R. Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García Rodríguez

Today the Church celebrates the Solemnity of All Saints. Thus we remember not only those who have been proclaimed saints throughout history: missionaries, educators, charitable servants, popes, bishops, priests, deaconos, nuns, men and women … but also so many of our brothers and sisters who have lived their Christian lives in the midst of a simple and hidden existence, among whom there are many of our family and friends. They are in heaven, they can pray for us and we imitate them. The Gospel of Matthew chapter 5, verses 1 through 12, is read this Sunday in all Catholic churches.


What a joy to share that this is to be poor for the Bible! And then, in the house of heaven, contemplate the Christ, whom we help on earth. What great joy and happiness!

What joy and happiness to unite our suffering with that of the crucified Christ and then to be at the side of the Risen Christ!

What joy and happiness not to have pretensions of greatness, but to strip us of all pride and serve the most humble! And then be in the heights and greatness of heaven.

What joy and happiness not to be left alone in the face of injustice and to fight peacefully so that we may all be righteous and then all the righteous with the great righteous in heaven! What a joy to be compassionate, to forgive, to have mercy, to understand, and then to receive this compassion multipliedly at the entrance to heaven!

How wonderful to have a clean mind of hatred, vengeance, impurity and, at the same time, a clean heart of ugly heartbeats and, as a consequence, totally pure actions in the style of the God of love and then contemplating the God wholly pure, in whose image and likeness we were created! Happy the peaceful, those who establish peace between enemies, among divided people, among fajados relatives. What a joy to see you in peace on this earth and then all together in heaven! God will never forget that you established peace on earth.

Blessed are those who, being faithful to the truth, are criticized as damaged, cast aside. His testimony will captivate many and God will fight by his side for a sun of righteousness that illuminates the earth and then contemplates the eternal sun, the God just forever.

Blessed are you who criticized you, marginalized you, cast yourself aside for having a picture of the Sacred Heart in your living room, for wearing a crucifix on your chest, for having a medal or stamp of our Lady of Charity, for participating in Mass every Sunday. The happiness you felt in the face of insult for being a believer will multiply in heaven, whose happiness the eye has not seen, the ear has not heard, nor can it imagine the human heart.

We thank God for so many saints with those we have lived with on earth and then we will be with them in the glory of heaven


Faith tells us that Christ was resurrected, hope tells us that we will be resurrected, charity tells us that the way of Christ and happy life on earth and in heaven is Love.

Let us ask Jesus Christ for our deceased relatives who have said “I am the resurrection and life, he who believes in me and is dead will live. And whoever is alive and believes in me will not die forever.”

Lord, you who wept in the grave of your son Lazarus, tell yourself to dry our tears.

Lord grant them eternal life.

You who resurrected the dead, tell yourself to give eternal life to our deceased relatives.

Lord grant them eternal life.

You who forgave the good thief on the cross and promised him paradise, say forgiveness and bring to heaven our deceased relatives.

Lord grant them eternal life.

You who are the only one who knows all the good and all the mercy that our deceased relatives performed, reward them as you can only do: with eternal life.

Lord grant them eternal life.

You who have created in the mother’s womb in your image and likeness to our deceased relatives and purified them with the gua of baptism, take them among your saints and chosen in your house of heaven.

Lord grant them eternal life.

You who promised that whoever eats your bread will live forever, keep your promise, and take them to the feast of eternal life.

Lord grant them eternal life.

And to us who mourn his death, tell us to comfort ourselves with the faith and hope of eternal life, and help us imitate the faith and charity that they taught us more than with their words, with their lives.

Lord grant them eternal life.

Saint Mary of Charity, you were at the foot of the cross where your son died, you know the pain I feel for the death of this family member and friend I have loved. Pray now for me, that I weep as you wept, remind me that death is not the end, but that God will take us to his house in heaven; Forgave with the death of Christ on the cross our sins, and will reward all good work. Comfort me, help me, and give me the hope that one day, after fulfilling my mission with my family, God will take me with them forever.



Our deceased relative can tell us from heaven: “When I am not for a short or for a long time, please do not want to die with me, on the contrary, start again, bravely, with a smile live your life. By my memory, in my name, by my memory, do all the things you did just like before, don’t get discouraged, don’t hold on to pain and grief, don’t feel your days empty, fill every hour in a useful way serving and doing good. Extend your hand to comfort a brother, do not keep my clothes, give it to a needy; live life, give all your love with all the strength of your heart, and when at the end of your journey, the time comes, fear not, do not be afraid. Remember, I’ll be waiting for you in the company of Jesus.


Below we offer in full the allocution of the Cardinal and Archbishop of Havana, Archbishop Juan de la Caridad García.

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