Presides over new nuncio Mass for Peace

Por: Yarelis Rico Hernández (Fotos. Yandry Fernández Perdomo)

Mons. Gloder
Misa por la Paz en la Catedral de La Habana
Misa por la Paz en la Catedral de La Habana

With the celebration of the Mass for Peace in the Cathedral of Havana, the Catholic Church in Cuba officially presented this 1st. From January to the new nuncio of His Holiness on the Island, Msgr. Giampero Gloder, who presided over the religious ceremony that begins the new calendar year and in which it is especially called for peace.

“A year of serenity for Cuba, for our families, and for each of us” was Bishop Gloder’s initial request to God. Later, in his homily, he invited to put under the protection and gaze of the Virgin Mary this 2020.

The new representative of the Vatican on the Island shared some elements of Pope Francis’ message for the celebration of this World Day for Peace, so that each person could reflect on his experience, improve, and be builder of a better world.

Asked how to break the logic of threat and fear to build a world of peace, Msgr. Gloder highlighted the answer given by the Pontiff: “We must build a true fraternity that exercises us in trust and dialogue”. In this sense he set out the paths given by the Holy Father: “listening, communion and economic conversion”. The first two, he said, make us wonder if we can forgive, respect the other, and recognize the brother in that other.

Fieles oran por la Paz
Fieles oran por la Paz

Faced with the great lack of respect for our common home and the excessive exploitation of natural resources, the nuncio highlighted the path of economic conversion, which translates into an invitation to contemplate with eyes wonders the whole Creation. “Economic conversion,” he said, means looking at the world with greater respect for nature, God and all its Creation.”

Decocting the difficulties of embarking on the path of reconciliation and peace, he invited everyone to be patient, confident and firmly believe in the possibility of building a world of peace. At the end of his first homily in Cuba, he begged Our Lady of Charity of Copper to continue accompanying the Cuban people.

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