A Our Father Who Only God Understands

Texto y fotos por Antonio Miguel Fontela Lamelas

In these days of tribulation, when the compass of the soul is broken by scarcity and postponed illusions, Christians pray the Our Father to plead with God to eradicate the disease and guide our steps in a scenario that has become surprisingly dangerous.

Even the good routines established by formal education have undergone changes. Now the hands are transmitters of death by a simple squeeze, the kisses could be poisoned and not to say of the hugs. We must want otherwise to manifest good behavior or affection with other actions, perhaps a touch of elbows, of fists… or ankles, but there is an urgent change of use because the enemy is completely invisible and precautions never remain, even when everything happens, for we are not exempt from a second wave of this microene me or a new pandemic caused by another type of virus that has not yet been discovered.1

Systematic hand washing, with proper soaping followed by rinsing with running water, is essential… and dangerous. It is an act of particular importance in schools, where agglomeration is high and the prescribed isolation is broken to avoid any alifafe that is transmissible by contact or by droplets of cough or sneeze. This requires having a hydraulic system capable of withstanding the constant washing of many people’s hands several times in each study session.

When the #QuédateEnCasa ends, still fearful of possible contagion, at least during the first few days, we will take many precautions and observe the environment with suspicion. Unfortunately, when the months pass, our dreams materialize and we are again what we were, we will surely forget the health precautions learned during this voluntary captivity, because humans are like this, amnesiac as a rule.

However, not everything has been harmful in this period of isolation. The environment, with flora and fauna included, has benefited. Even Havana Bay, usually filthy, was clarified. The shore of Regla has been embellished; on its coast you can see the fragrance of the sea, impregnated with saltpeter. Now the bed is clearly visible. They want to take a dip on these embarrassing mornings.

Although the current state of vaccine livestock is not mentioned in any information medium, the National Television News does report that agricultural production has been boosted like never before, thanks to the extraordinary situation that the country is going through. Many underground cavalryes have so far been recovered; fertile land that remained completely abandoned because no one had come up with the right idea of sowing them. The domestic market is also being healed. Outrageous illegalities, food-filled private warehouses and other darkly sourced deficit items are discovered. Clandestine hoarders who have been unbalanced the domestic market for some time now are now discovered thanks to the pandemic. The systematic current control of all shopping malls carried out by the economic police and an effective body of inspectors has resulted in illegal marketing: monitoring that should be maintained.

A sensible analysis of public transport is perenttorio, which has been a subject to be overcome for more than thirty years. It’s not even worthy of overcrowding of passengers. Throughout the journey females and males form a compact, unhygienic, obscene and inescapable mass where the lows proliferate. How can we travel as decorously as it is healthy when society returns to that new post-pandemic “normality” that is coming? It is deductible that at least the correct use of nasobuco is a required and inviolable condition for addressing buses.

Daily life has shown that we suffer from a chronic shortage of basic products and services even without coronavirus and that we face a war on disease, low birth rate, double currency, fragmentary government control, high prices set in the state and private sectors, as well as poor quality of the products offered.

The televised masses have come to soften the tensions now aggravated by the closure, and should be added to the precess of the ceremony, the permanence of such Sunday broadcasts when the isolation is over. It would greatly benefit the elderly, the disabled, hospitalized and also the prisoners, who need the Eucharistic message so much.

It has been a government action very well received by all. It is the first time in many years that there has been a vigorous turn of governance in favor of believers. Will the light be at the end of the ostracism tunnel that Cuban Catholics have suffered for six decades? It is undeniable that before COVID-19 there was already a flow of environmental religiosity, now intensified by the arrival of the new coronavirus.

The Christian faith arising from these days of a broken compass is so profound that, even the atheists of the ward, before leaving home, they muslim a nonsense Our Father who only God understands… because God always understands us all in any way we speak to Him. Ω


1 Consult https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orthocoronavirinae.

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