Note from the Cuban Conference of Religious

Junta Directiva de la CONCUR y sus hermanos de la Vida Consagrada

Dear Brothers:

… I would like to be the echo of some song that has given men moments of peace, which no matter whether it is the spark of a moment or another light the reflection is the important thing is to light, I would like that when the end came from my existence there would be a painless mark, I would like when they remembered me and my name pronounced they would do it with love , I would like to speak to God as a friend without prizes or punishments making me mute and ask him to forgive my misery that stays in a wish… that I am just a man who groping with his peace and pain. (Song: I’d like to, by Roger Hernandez)

We find no words to express what we feel as a Church and as a Consecrated Life living in Cuba and that is why we rely on this extract of such beautiful singing, with him we want to give THANK YOU for the dedicated life of our brother, pastor and friend Cardinal Jaime Lucas Ortega Alamino, whom we could define as the person who knew how to be a bridge , a man of dialogue and quiet suffering, had to suffer from misunderstandings, when in so many attempts and paths his voice traveled with his shepherd brothers could not be silenced, it hurts to know that a person who spoke where he had to and with whom he had to do it is physically lost, and it is to be thankful for that spent life that DAR knew even though many said that he did not do or did not say anything… what do we know about the good that a Person? We will never know enough, that is why today united in pain we can say that this great man fought with spiritual spirit carrying his cross and his pain, he with his great gifts loving tenderly his Church and his people, this great man of God will remain a great reference for all those who knew TO SEE with our hearts , because truly in this world ours the essential is invisible to the eyes. (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Thank you Monsignor Jaime, for everything and therefore, but especially for being a man of word, respect, fidelity, thank you because today you will be interceding for this people who want to remain faithful to God in the midst of their sufferings and struggles, staying on this island with the conviction that one day we will see with our own eyes everything you fought for to have our religious freedom recognized , our rights and because our homeland is as Martí taught us: “With all and for the good of all”.

May Mary of Charity, Our Mother and Patron welcome her in her arms, she who so often hears her voice asking her: “Virgin Mambisa that we may be brothers”, will make her rest serenely in her lap until together we can sing again: “All your children cry out to you…”

Always with faithful and grateful affection:

Board of Directors of CONCUR and its Brothers in Consecrated Life

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