What are you looking for?-From “the ball” and other mirages

Por: Paulinos en Cuba


Mirrors are optical illusions that consist of seeing certain images in the distance. You can be traversing a desert and looking at the brightness of a non-existent lagoon. To the scientific explanations of this phenomenon is added the mood of the person who experiences it. A thirsty walker will more easily see waves of water in the distance.
There are many mirages in life, which are but fantasies produced by unrealizable desires. Those who are eagerly moving towards such imaginary goals are heading for a painful disappointment: the image they see is being removed to the same extent as they move forward, and at last the vision disappears completely.
The one who lives by illusions ends up eating handfuls of air, especially when he spends on maintaining those illusions how little he has.
Most people who bet money with the unfounded hope of getting rich are doomed to ruin, and we already know it: in the country of ruin there are a few rich mansions and many houses that fall apart; this country is governed by those who encourage and control certain clandestine activities in which many addicts participate, always dreaming of a profit that never comes, however much they continue to bet and put in the hands of an avid collector a sum subtracted from the maintenance itself and that of an ever more impoverished family.
“Don’t play anymore, Rolando, you’re throwing away what it takes for our children to eat and dress…
–For them I play… The day it’s my turn to win, you’ll see what party we’re throwing, and I’m even going to buy you a big-screen TV.
“That’s what you’ve told me many times and we’re getting worse every day. What’s the matter with you, man, is that you’ve already caught the vice and don’t want to leave it…

Chance and its games

The big gambling business feeds on the contributions of many gamblers, but enriches only the promoters; there is no lack of a gambler who is once favored with a good profit; that same makes the naive hopes of other addicts increase.
Chance is nothing more than an unpredictable eventuality, a mere coincidence. Your result may well be a positive event as well as a disgrace. So-called gambling is distinguished precisely by the unpredictable effect, which depends not on the ingenuity of the players, but only on the perhaps, and often on the bad mañas of those who direct and control them.
When participating in gambling by betting money, players’ tension increases and it is more to assume that promoters use fraudulent resources to achieve the result that suits them best. It is not easy to discover their traps, because they are true experts in deception, very skilled in ensuring for themselves the profit they propose.
Gambling uses many resources, such as cards (decks or cards), dice (cube), roulette, and various forms of illicit lotteries, such as the famous “ball”…

Betting shows

There are those who risk what they have by attending betting shows in which, because there is money in between, there are often frauds beforehand; this is the case, for example, of certain horse races, where the magnet that attracts the most players lies in the bets, and it is very few to learn of the traps that have been perpetrated.
More detestable are the shows that consist of facing animals to the death, for example, two roosters or two dogs… Ambition, cruelty and foolishness are present in these fights.

Naivety and superstition

In the love of betting shows and gambling they usually go hand in hand somewhat simpleness or naivety and other superstition. The latter makes addicts to such games and entertainment very sensitive to certain signs of good luck and to modes and maneuvers to promote it; take into account whether the days are favorable or unfavorable; are fixed in certain colors and gestures that judge well omen, etc. Usually, these same people believe in horoscopes and take cartomantic statements seriously.
By the way, a middle-income, somewhat foolish gentleman went to consult one of those women who pretended to guess the future through letters, and the cunning fortune teller, after thrilling him with the announcement of future riches, gave him a warning: “But be careful because I’ve also seen that he’s about to be heisted…” The gentleman thanked him for the notice, gave him the agreed payment and retired happily, thinking of his future wealth. A street away remembered the warning and instinctively took his hand into his pocket looking for his wallet…, but this one was no longer in his pocket. She returned to where she had consulted the visionary, but she too had disappeared. The heist was fulfilled!

Live from your work and live happily

Live from your work and keep your inner serenity as a treasure. Seek your progress and that of your loved ones on legitimate paths and do not put your trust in illusory and dubious resources. Don’t pretend to gain easy or give in to clumsy addictions. Practice the game, because you need it, but the recreational game, that is, the one that helps you regain your strength and restore your good spirits.
To maintain the balance of the body and spirit are important, both physical play and some recreational or recreational activities. All in moderation.
Outdoor play is not easy in modern life, so hectic; that’s why I recommend that, among the activities of each day, you schedule – preferably in the morning – a quarter of an hour of physical exercise at home. And don’t miss, throughout the week or at the end of the week, certain recreational activities. The playful activity is one that is practiced in its own taste and for recreation itself, such as entertaining or instructive reading; the dedication of a little time to a certain hobby; listening to good music; some pastime of those who help to exercise memory, and also some board game, of those that favor intelligence and make coexistence pleasant, without implying passion.
In both prosperity and difficult circumstances he praises the Creator and renews your confidence in His Providence. Ω

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