Celebrate feast of Our Lady of Rule and bicentennial of the parish temple

Por Daniel Estévez González

El arzobispo pide la intersección de la Virgen por nuestro país
Celebran fiesta de Nuestra Señora de Regla y bicentenario del templo parroquial
Monsignor Juan García urges to pray for Cuba and its families

This September 7th the bay of Havana was again close to the devotees of Our Lady of Rule, who from early in the morning approached the National Shrine to pray the Rosary of the Aurora.

The celebration of the Patronal Festival was joined by the celebrations for the bicentenary of the parish temple and the restoration works that were carried out thanks to the support of the faithful from inside and outside the island.

The Cubans who arrived during this day arrived at the temple of the small Habanero port enclave, sang, together with the Mariachis, the Mornings to our Lady, prayed to the Mother of God and received blessings.

Mons. Juan García bendice a los niños en Regla
Msgr. Juan García blesses the children in Regla

In the afternoon, many of them accompanied in procession to the image of Our Lady of Rule through the streets of the village.

The Archbishop of Havana, Archbishop Juan de la Caridad García Rodríguez, presided over the Solemn Mass in the morning hours. In his words he asked those present and all Cubans, wherever they were, to pray to our Mother for Cuba, for the future of the country and for families.

The Sanctuary remained open until the night, and between prayers, tears of gratitude or pain, prayer was heard in the corners to Our Lady of Rule:

O God, giver of all goods,

that you enlighten with distinguished worship

this place consecrated to your Mother!,

make how many of us venerate her

with the title of St. Mary of Rule

we felt his powerful protection,

guided by its light – radiant beacon-

and for his life – rule and rule of ours-

let’s get to the Port of Salvation safely.

By Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

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