Address December 6, second Sunday of Advent

By: S.E.R. Cardinal Juan de la Caridad García Rodríguez

Today, December 6, the second Sunday of Advent, the Gospel according to Mark, chapter 1, verses 1 through 8, is read in all the Catholic churches of the world.


Centuries before Christ, the prophets, who spoke instead of God, proclaimed a path in the wilderness, a road on the steppe; the stuffed valleys, the lowered mountains, the twisted straightened, the rugged matched… and many did not believe the prophets the wonderful thing about the proclamation. Because pessimism is more accepted than optimism, discouragement likes more than hope. It’s hard to believe that the little will come of it. However, many in God’s people waited patiently. Among them the Psalmists, St Joseph, Our Lady, John the Baptist… because they did not trust in their devaluations, but in the words and promises of God.

And the day came, the fulfillment of the promise came, came what few expected: the way to God prepared and shown, the sin reduced, the good full, the evil disappeared. And all this came true by the Messiah expected for centuries, by the Son of God made man in the virginal bosom of Mary, for whom he spent doing good, for the friend of sinners and sick, for the crucified and risen. All goodness is achievable, peace can fill the earth, love multiply, hatred disappear. Christ has chosen us that this promise fulfilled may come true in me, in my house, in my people, in my Church.

What’s the way for me to be better? Christ’s. What’s the way to make my family better? Christ’s. What’s the way for my people to be better? Christ’s. What is the way for my Church to be better? Christ’s.

Great happiness can fill this end of the year and the next if the way is Christ, if sin is reduced and destroyed, if all the good we have grows and the bad disappears. Because of our status as baptized, all that Christ has made real in this world, we can do it with the strength, light, and grace of the Holy Ghost. Blas Bascal prayed: “I bless every day of my life my Savior, who of a man full of weaknesses, miseries, lusts, pride and ambition, has made a man exempt from all that by the strength of his Grace, to which all Glory is given, for of myself I have nothing but sin and error.”


God will never ask us what kind of car we were driving, but how many people we needed it, we transported. God will never ask us about the size of our house, but how many people we welcome in it. God will never ask us about the goods we had in the storefront, but how many people we wear. God will never ask us about our wages, He will want to know if we did our work with responsibility. God will never ask us how many friends we had, but how many people really enjoyed our friendship. God will never ask us about what we did to protect our rights, but what we did to protect the rights of the weak. God will never ask us what ward we live in, but how we treat our neighbors.

And now I wonder, how am I going to answer him?


On Tuesday, December 8th we celebrate the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. We greet her and beg her.

Bless your purity,

and eternally it is.

Well, a god recreates himself in such a funny beauty.

To you, heavenly princess,

Holy Virgin Mary, I offer you on this day,

Soul, Life and Heart,

look at me with compassion,

Don’t leave me

Oh my God


Pope Francis tells us that Advent is an incessant call to hope, reminds us that God is present in history to lead it to its ultimate end, to its fullness, which is the Lord Jesus Christ. God is present in the history of mankind, He is the God with us. God is not far away, He is always with us to the point that He often knocks on the doors of our hearts. God walks beside us to sustain us. The Lord does not abandon us, He accompanies us in our existential events to help us discover the meaning of the way, the meaning of the everyday, to instill courage in trials and pain. In the midst of the storms of life, God always reaches out to us and frees us from threats. This is nice. In the book of Deuteronomy there is a passage in which the prophet says to the people, “Think, what people have their God close to themselves as you have me around? None.

Only we have this Grace to have God close to us. We wait for God, we hope he will manifest himself, but he also expects us to manifest ourselves to Him.

May Mary Most Holy, woman of waiting, accompany our steps in this new liturgical year that we begin and help us to carry out the task of the disciples of Jesus indicated by the Apostle Peter. And what is this task? Give reasons for the hope in us.

And the blessing of the Father who created us, of the Son who saved us, of the Holy Spirit who aggss us, descend upon all of you, your family and friends, and remain forever. Amen.


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