Again Charity will accompany its people

Por: Adrián Martínez Cádiz

virgen de la caridad

A piece of wood, a chisel and varnish, are tools or materials that any sculptor would use to start a work, but the hands of Isidro Quevedo have the virtuosity of those who trap the essence of heaven to reflect it in his work. For several years, this holguinero artist has dedicated himself to making images of the Virgin of Charity of Copper.
When Pope Francis visited our country, families on the island offered him one of Isidro’s pieces to deliver to Cuban families residing in the United States. There the image toured different places where there are communities of Cubans and, since May 10, 2016, the Hermitage of Charity, in Miami, welcomed it inside as a gesture of unity among Cuban families.
But Isidro did not imagine that another piece of his, also blessed in the Sanctuary of El Cobre, was to be the seed of the Gospel that the youth of the Country Mission group sown through the villages of Goines. The Youth Pastoral of the Archdiocese of Havana confided to these missionaries the sacred icon, who received the homage of love and devotion of numerous brothers, the sick, the elderly, children and young people who prayed before her and pleaded for her intercession.
After the mission, the boys brought her to the headquarters of the Archbishopric of Havana, where she was located at the entrance. There she received the displays of love and devotion from simple people who, as she passed, stopping her steps to pray before her.
However, the history of the Missionary Virgin did not close its pages there, but became a center of attention again when on October 30 it was given to the President of Panama, Mr. Juan Carlos Varela, who on that date visited the Haban Archbishopric and spoke with young Catholics. It was this, a sign of thanks to his government for the support given to Cuba for the participation of a large delegation from the island to World Youth Day (WYD) to be held in the Isthmian country.
Again, Charity will accompany its people in history, when next January the largest delegation of Cuban pilgrims to a WYD arrives in Panama. Mr. Varela announced that the image will be placed in the presidential chapel of Panama to participate with him in a day of prayer.

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