Young people turn on lights in Cuba

Por: Yandry Fernández Perdomo

On the night of this Sunday, December 6, more than a hundred young people from the Sacred Heart Vicarage, accompanied by priests, religious and religious, gathered in the Church of the Passionist Fathers, in the Viper, to pray for Cuba.

The silences, songs, prayers and supplications were raised to Jesus Sacrament in a space of worship of the Most Holy where the young people meditated on holiness, the coherence of life and the importance of Christian witness in the midst of today’s Cuban reality.

A significant moment was when the image of Our Lady of Charity copper was brought to the presbytery at the feet of Jesus. With it, the new generation of Cuban faithful prayed to Christ: “Lord, stand firm in hope.”

At the end, those present lit a light from their cell phones to proclaim their commitment to their country and to the excluded. “I turn on a light for Cuba today,” they said.

The mystique of the night closed with all voices in uneconsonuming to ask that a new sun rise over the new civilization of the gospel, one that is convinced that the only way is Jesus Christ.

For the past four years the young people of Mission País Cuba organize this type of spaces named “Time of Prayer for Cuba”.

📸 Adrián Martínez Cádiz

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