Debate the draft of the new Constitution of the Republic in the magna classroom of the Padre Félix Varela Cultural Center

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This September 28th, the draft of the new Constitution of the Republic was debated in the magna classroom “Félix Varela”, of the former seminary San Carlos and San Ambrosio.
Just that place where the first ideas of freedom, nation and Cubanity were forged served as the setting for a new meeting of reflection and dialogue convened by the Catholic magazine Espacio Laical. The panel on this occasion was composed of Dr. Rolando Suárez, the jurist Mario Rivero and Dr. Julio Antonio Fernández Estrada, who served as moderator.
After the interventions of the panellists, the important debate was established. Undoubtedly a moment very precious for those present that made the three hours of the meeting a real political exercise.
The analysis ranged from the technical inconsistencies of the proposed document to detailing the contradictory and free social retracement of some articles. Not least were the concerns expressed regarding how the results obtained from the public debate will be evaluated and processed for the subsequent formation of the final document.


The interventions, as well as the positions adopted and the questions said, showed that on our island there are many who still dream, fight and expect a homeland like Martí dreamed, “with everyone and for the good of all”.

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