Second day of the Ninth to the Virgin

31 de agosto del 2020

Maria, you’re on your way in a hurry.

Saint Mary of Charity, Mother of the Lord
Jesus, we venerate you with special affection and
We praise you, Mother and Patron of the people
Cuban, because you’ve been present at
all the struggles, sorrows and joys of your
Virgin Mambisa, proclaimed and revered
by our veterans, we ask you to
today, as yesterday, be present in life
of your beloved people: this town you are looking for
love, understanding and sincere union
of all Cubans.
We offer you; the efforts of our
Christians, the work of our workers and
peasants, the study of our young people,
the smile of our children, the pain of
our sick, the watchful and
quiet of all our mothers, the
loneliness of so many brothers, widows and
orphans the generous delivery of our
martyrs and the deceased, the noble and
simple from our village
Mother of Charity, reach your altar
Copper, so beloved and revered, the
pleas we present to you.

As we recall, in the introduction to the Ninth of the Virgin, on August 8th, ten years were fulfilled, the beginning of the journey of the Virgin Pilgrim throughout our Country. The Mother visited all her children, went to the mountain and the plain, to the countryside and the city, to villages and bateyes, crossed rivers and transited roads, paths and roads, to the house of Isabel, her cousin, to hear the prayers of all her children.

The two excerpts of the proclamation of the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus, in Luke, converge in the narration of Mary’s visit to Elizabeth. Mary, like Abraham, our father in faith, rises and rushes to the mountain (v 39). Mary and Elizabeth are the two women who welcome God’s action: the first actively, with their consent; the second passively. Both, graceful, experience the powerful action of the Holy Ghost. Elizabeth carries in her bosom the Precursor and, by virtue of this presence in it, gives voice to the son in her bowels already indicating in the Mother the Son. Proclaim what has made her great and blessed to Mary, faith: “Blessed are you, who have believed! For what the Lord has told you will be fulfilled” (v, 45). Elizabeth’s canticle (vv, 42-45) is followed by the canticle of Mary, who reveals God’s powerful action in her, the same one that fulfills the ancient promises made to Abraham on behalf of Israel. God does wonders and deploys his power from the humility – which is of radical poverty itself – of his creature and his people.

The Magnificat is the first public manifestation of Jesus, of this reality still hidden but which is already imposed and work in which they welcome her, like Mary: the living reality of the Word ingrained in her impels her not to stop in herself and opens her to the dimension of service: “Mary was with Elizabeth for about three months” (v. 56).

Mary does not yet see the reality of Jesus present in her, but she believed it already present, within the history of Israel, also Elizabeth does not contemplate, but she experiences the joy of the Savior’s closeness. They are looks of faith, and we too need this gaze, a visual capacity that penetrates deep into the events we live in. An eye that knows how to recognize that faith, the joy that comes from the Spirit and service – the elements that emerge from readings are like the tip of an iceberg. They indicate that there is something great, enormous underneath: “He whom the heavens cannot contain”. It is god’s presence that motivates and nourishes faith, joy, and service. However, if we let the warm waters of indifference, haste, care, our own realization, let go and take space away from us in the presence of God, then everything turns upside down: faith becomes ideology or flight from reality; exultation in the spirit, in euphoria or passing and superficial joy; service, in search of ourselves or self-affirmation. As Mary, true model of discipleship, let us open our minds, hearts, hearts, lives, to the acceptance of the Word in us.

Then we too can glimpse and sing with admiration the action of God, who acts in the history of humanity and in our personal history. And we can say, in that mutual charity which is service, that the Kingdom of God, in Christ, is already in our midst.

Decena del Rosario
Right now think about
silence that
grace you want to ask God for
intercession of Our Lady of the
Charity during this
ninth (Brief silence).
We offer this
dozen of the rosary for all
us who have accompanied
to Our Lady these 9 days so that
let’s learn like Mary, to be
disciples of his Son, to go in a hurry
to carry the gospel of the
hope and joy to our


Virgin of Copper Charity “You have come to visit our people and wanted to stay with us as Mother and Lady of Cuba, along her pilgrimage along the paths of history”.

– “Your name and image are sculpted in the minds and hearts of all Cubans, inside and outside the Fatherland, as a sign of hope and a center of fraternal communion”.

– “Mother of Reconciliation! Gather your people scattered around the world. Make the Cuban nation a home of brothers and sisters, so that this people may open their minds, hearts and lives wide to Christ, the one Savior and Redeemer”.

Personal commitment

What do I commit to living on this day?
I think of something concrete I can do to manifest love and faith in the Lord.


The Lord Almighty, bless us,
keep everything wrong and lead us to
eternal life. Amen.

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