Fifth day of the Ninth to the Virgin

3 de septiembre del 2020



Saint Mary of Charity, Mother of the Lord
Jesus, we venerate you with special affection and
We praise you, Mother and Patron of the people
Cuban, because you’ve been present at
all the struggles, sorrows and joys of your
Virgin Mambisa, proclaimed and revered
by our veterans, we ask you to
today, as yesterday, be present in life
of your beloved people: this town you are looking for
love, understanding and sincere union
of all Cubans.
We offer you; the efforts of our
Christians, the work of our workers and
peasants, the study of our young people,
the smile of our children, the pain of
our sick, the watchful and
quiet of all our mothers, the
loneliness of so many brothers, widows and
orphans the generous delivery of our
martyrs and the deceased, the noble and
simple from our village
Mother of Charity, reach your altar
Copper, so beloved and revered, the
pleas we present to you.

Maria, learn to grow up as your child’s disciple

The Blessed Virgin, in fact, who, by a singular gift of God, was the mother of Christ, was also, for a very special reason, her “first and most perfect (…) discipleship” (MK 35).

In the Virgin Mary, the voice of Christ resounds in a certain way, who, to the praise of that anonymous woman (“Blessed the womb that carried you and the breasts that raised you”) replied: “Better, blessed are those who hear the word of God and fulfill it” (Lk 11:27-28); it is also like an echo of St Augustine’s phrase in commenting on that place of the Gospel “Who is my mother?” (Mk 3:33): “Certainly, St Mary fulfilled, with all perfection, the will of the Father, and for this reason her status as a disciple of Christ is more important than that of Christ’s mother, she is more blessed because she is a disciple of Christ than because she is the mother of Christ” (Sermo 25:7: PL 46, 937).

In the context of the Gospel of Luke, the mention of the noble and generous heart, which hears and keeps the Word, is an implicit portrait of the faith of the Virgin Mary. The evangelist himself speaks of the memory of Mary, who kept in her heart everything she heard and saw, so that the Word would bear fruit in her life. The Mother of the Lord is a perfect icon of faith, as St Elizabeth says: “Blessed is she who believed” (Lk 1:45).

In her life, Mary has made the pilgrimage of faith, following her Son. Thus, in Mary, the path of faith of the Old Testament is assumed in the follow-up of Jesus and is transformed by him, becoming part of the unique gaze of the Son of God incarnate.

To make pilgrimage in faith, to grow as disciples of the Lord, is to walk every day on the path of holiness. The Second Vatican Council strongly emphasized this: “All the faithful, Christians, of any condition and state, strengthened by so many powerful means of salvation, are called by the Lord, each on his way, to the perfection of that holiness with which the Father himself is perfect”. What is of interest is that each believer discerns his own path and brings to light the best of himself, that which God has put in him (cf. 1:12:7), and not that he wears off trying to imitate something that has not been thought of for him. (Apostolic Exhortation “Rejoice and Rejoice” Pope Francis)

Mary with her faith becomes the first member of the community of believers in Christ, and also becomes a collaborator in the spiritual rebirth of the disciples. From the Gospel emerges her figure of free and strong woman, consciously oriented to the true follow-up of Christ. She has lived entirely throughout the pilgrimage of faith as the mother of Christ and after the disciples, without saving her the misunderstanding and constant search for the Father’s project.

Decena del Rosario

Right now think about
silence that
grace you want to ask God
through the intercession of Our Lady of the
Charity during this
ninth (Brief silence).
We offer this
dozen of the rosary for all
us who have
accompanied to Our Lady,
asking us to be disciples
and missionaries who live the faith,
in our families and in the middle
of our people, let’s take the
Gospel of Jesus to all.


Virgin of Copper Charity “You have come
to visit our village and
you wanted to stay with us as
Mother and Lady of Cuba, throughout her
pilgrimage along the paths of history.”
– “Your name and image are sculpted
in the mind and heart of all
Cubans, inside and outside the Homeland, as
sign of hope and center of communion
– “Mother of Reconciliation! Gathers
to your people scattered around the world. Make the
Cuban nation a home of brothers and sisters
sisters, so that this people may open wide
in pair his mind, his heart and his life to
Christ, the only Savior and Redeemer”.

Personal commitment

What do I commit to living on this day?
I think of something concrete I can do to manifest love and faith in the Lord.


The Lord Almighty, bless us, keep us from all evil and lead us to eternal life. Amen.

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