Third day of the Ninth to the Virgin

1 de septiembre del 2020


Saint Mary of Charity, Mother of the Lord
Jesus, we venerate you with special affection and
We praise you, Mother and Patron of the people
Cuban, because you’ve been present at
all the struggles, sorrows and joys of your
Virgin Mambisa, proclaimed and revered
by our veterans, we ask you to
today, as yesterday, be present in life
of your beloved people: this town you are looking for
love, understanding and sincere union
of all Cubans.
We offer you; the efforts of our
Christians, the work of our workers and
peasants, the study of our young people,
the smile of our children, the pain of
our sick, the watchful and
quiet of all our mothers, the
loneliness of so many brothers, widows and
orphans the generous delivery of our
martyrs and the deceased, the noble and
simple from our village
Mother of Charity, reach your altar
Copper, so beloved and revered, the
pleas we present to you.

Maria, mother of the God with us

We celebrate the “admirable mystery” and the “ineffable plan” by which the merciful Father sent his Son “from heaven to the bosom of the Holy Virgin”, so that it may be for us “word of salvation and bread of life”. God has come. It’s here. And, as a result, everything is different from how we think it is. Time, which had until then been an endless flow, has become an event that silently imprints on each thing a movement in a single direction, towards a perfectly determined goal. We are called, and the world together with us, to contemplate in all its splendor the very face of God. To proclaim that God has taken our humanity means to affirm that God, through his Word made flesh, has said his last word, the deepest and most beautiful of all. He has introduced her into the world, and she will not be able to take it back, because it is a decisive action of God, because it is God himself present in the world. And here’s what this word says: “World, I love you! Man, I love you!” God’s very person has become visible on the face of a simple and poor Child, but rich in love for all. St Irenaeus will confess: “The Son of God has become man so that man, united with the Word, could receive adoption and become the son of God”.

The Blessed Image of our Lady of Charity brings in her arms, very close to her heart, a little boy, her Son, the blessed fruit of her entrails, who takes flesh for the acceptance of the Word of God which she has received from God’s messenger. This contemplation we can make of the Blessed Virgin invites us to commemorate the faith and humility with which St Mary received it in her heart and “carried it enclosed in her bowels”. For this reason the humble Virgin of Nazareth is for us an example with whose imitation we receive in us the Son of God: “to receive Christ like her, keeping her words in her heart and celebrating in faith her mysteries” and, consequently, to manifest him “with works worthy of holiness” and confess him “of word and deed”.

The Church at the mystery of the birth of the Son of God bows in the astonished and moved proclamation: “The one who is begets in the eternity of the Father is born of a virgin”.

Peace on earth and glory in heaven, proclaimed by the angels on Christmas Day, continue in the following week, first with the memory of the protomartir Stephen, the first deacon of the Church (December 26), then with the contemplative penetration of the word of life of the Evangelist John (December 27) and with the testimony of the martyrdom of the Innocent Saints (December 28). In addition, the feast of the Holy Family (first Sunday after Christmas), a model of family life in the world, but open to God’s plan, and the feast of the Mother of God (January l), further look at the Author of Life through Mary, introduce us to a broader reflection on the mysteries of Christian life. The celebration of the epiphany (January 6), the feast of light, allows us to begin to know and see God, already here among us, so that we can contemplate him later in the full splendor of the future homeland. And the celebration of the Baptism of Jesus, the beginning of his prophetic mission, after the solemn endowment of the Father and the Holy Spirit in the waters of Jordan, where he is proclaimed “Dear Son”

All these events open the horizon for us and introduce us to the Son of God, who at the birth of Our Lady penetrates human reality, assumes it and experiences it for her to attain salvation for all.

Mary of Charity brings us her Son, the Son of God, and presents it to us as a new life for our birth as a people, as a family of God.

Decena del Rosario

At this moment think silently of that grace that you want to ask God through the intercession of Our Lady of Charity during this ninth (Brief Silence).

We offer this dozen rosary for all of us who have accompanied Our Lady, asking her to reach out to us the new life of her Son Jesus Christ for our families, for our Nation and for our Church.


Virgin of Copper Charity “You have come
to visit our village and you’ve wanted
stay with us as Mother and Lady
Cuba, throughout its pilgrimage through the
paths of history.”
– “Your name and image are sculpted
in the mind and heart of all
Cubans, inside and outside the Homeland, as
sign of hope and center of communion
– “Mother of Reconciliation! Gathers
to your people scattered around the world. Make the
Cuban nation a home of brothers and sisters
sisters, so that this people may open wide
in pair his mind, his heart and his life to
Christ, the only Savior and Redeemer”.
Personal commitment
What do I commit to living on this day?
I think of something concrete
you can do to manifest love and
faith in the Lord.
The Lord Almighty, bless us,
keep everything wrong and lead us to
eternal life. Amen.

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