Jury Words-Contest 2018

Por Betty Alonso del Piñal

Contest of genres that are blurred by addressing, in its diversity, a close and broad theme, family and freedom to count, has been this year’s in the space that calls for Word New.

First, the task of reading, in a personal way, the realities set out: memories, judgments, different experiences. Then, we find ourselves to share notes and check matches in most of our criteria and assessments.

Clarity in the vision of journalism, sensitivity in the human and psychological sense, were guiding axes for choosing proposals.

The chronicle genre became notable for its representation and higher quality. The articles revealed a tendency to describe, without, in many cases, defending positions of their authors.

Between interviews and photographs there were very few exponents, something curious in times where we have means that make it easy to record testimonies and capture scenes naturally.

Almost without knowing each other, in a first meeting, the agreement prevailed without the lack of debate at the time of rewarding and publishing, of sharing with readers these stories, these new chronicles.

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