Act of the XXII New Word Journalism Competition

Por: Jurado del Concurso

On the fifteenth day of June 2018, the jury of the New Word Contest met at the Padre Félix Varela Cultural Center in Havana, in its twenty-second edition, composed this time by Mr. Antonio López Sánchez, as president and member of the magazine’s Editorial Council, priest Fernando Pijuan, Betty Alonso del Piñal. , graphic designer, and Ms. Janely García Alfonso, with a degree in Psychology, who decided to award the following awards and mentions:

In Article: Award is awarded to The Generalissimo and his family, by Roger Florentino Obregón Tejeda, for the well-achieved adjustment of the work to the theme of the contest, the different and original angle from which a deep and human portrait of the Mambí hero is obtained as father and husband, as well as for the successful handling of quotations and argumentation , which brings us closer to history as a living, plural and tangible matter.

Also awarded Mention to Families against current, by Yisbel de la Caridad Calleiro Pérez, for the coherence in the management of the topic, the topicality of the topic addressed and a drafting that manages to carry out its communicative objectives.

In Chronicle: Exceptionally, it is decided to award two Awards this time, with equal rank. Although these are works with marked thematic and stylistic differences, the jury considered that both have a level of quality that makes them deserving of lauro. Award is given to Bet on Life, by Amado Aguilera Vargas, for the successful and direct approach with which a family life story is handled, for the fresh and accomplished structure, as well as for the beautiful defense of the act of fatherhood and reflections that it provokes.

Also awarded Award to My grandfather, his shipwrecks, by Xavier Angel Carbonell Valdés, for the well-achieved poetic handling of the text, the breadth and validity of its meanings, questions and affirmations, in addition to the original approach and the precise structural and lively arc through which the text moves.

At the same time, mention is given to Jesús Arencibia Lorenzo’s Los trillos del agua, for the accomplished portrait of the avatars of a Cuban family, the correct management of literary resources based on transmitting positive human values and the love of the story.

Photography and Interview: The jury agreed to declare the Awards and Mentions in these genres as deserts.

The jury and the Editorial Council of the magazine Palabra Nueva, wish to thank all those who submitted their works to this contest, while inviting them from now on to participate in the twenty-third edition of the contest, in 2019.

For the record, Acta was signed in Havana, fifteen days after June 2018.

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