What are you doing there?

Por: Lázaro Numa

Quedarse en casa, ese es el llamado constante a los cubanos hoy.
Covid-19 en Cuba
Covid-19 en Cuba

It has been a month since we woke up to ask ourselves the same question: how many cases of positive SARS-CoV-2 will there be today? The world is experiencing an uneedited situation and our country, shrouded in myriad problems and deficiencies, makes every effort to emerge from this global pandemic with a positive balance.  Every morning our media reports the behavior of COVID – 19 and informs the population about the measures to be taken to prevent contagion. The invitation is always to stay home, that is the most efficient action to prevent contagion.

While it is true that deficiencies force them out and that the need for a properly protected family member to abandon preventive est estating in search of the necessary household inputs is understandable. The situation in our city in terms of social discipline is different from the constant call of political and health authorities. Prices for agro products rise, forklifts and street traders swarm at any time, resellers struggle in the queues and try to outwit law enforcement and then make a profit from necessity. Despite the measures taken, the real perception of risk is not seen in a large population sector.

Quedarse en casa, ese es el llamado constante a los cubanos hoy.
Staying home, that’s the constant call to Cubans today.

Cubans, it is not enough to applaud every night at the time of the cannon, we must all contribute our share of discipline and care. If we want to get out of this tough test, the first thing we have to ask ourselves with responsibility in front of our doors is: what am I going to do there?

La percepción del riesgo no se interioriza en un amplio sector poblacional.
Risk perception is not internalized into a large population sector.

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